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Maintaining a balanced lifestyle is a battle! This notion has been largely ignored by 80% of the fitness industry. In fact, individuals in theU.K.are using 800 calories a day less compared with calorie expenditure in 1980!

In movement terms this equates to walking between 7-10 km per day less.Exercise is commonly classified simply by ‘going to the gym’. However, less than 20% of the community are classified as ‘active’ and only 4% of the community attend commercial gyms! “For reducing problems associated with chronic lifestyle diseases, the process of being active is more important than the process of being fit” (James Skinner PHD, American College of Sports Medicine, IDEA, 2000).           




It must be said that in terms of exercise “anything is better than nothing”. Simply by participating in less structured exercise such as: walking, mowing the lawn, washing the car, vacuuming and gardening, you will:

  • oxygenate the brain
  • flush out arteries
  • relieve stress
  • prevent injury and posture problems
  • increase your metabolism.

For positive results, you need to change your thinking in relation to health and fitness. Try avoiding the “all or nothing” approach. We are all guilty of this, by justifying to ourselves, “I’ll start back at gym next week” or “I’ll start eating better when school goes back for the kids”. These are excuses and easily disrupt our road to better health and fitness. We simply need to change our mindset to that of ‘anything we do positively to improve our health is better than nothing!’ We may be unable to get that daily 30 minute walk with the dog in, but a 10 minute walk will be better for you than if not done at all. “One of the most powerful forces in human behaviour is self-fulfilling prophecy. If a person believes something strongly enough and that something is within the realm of possibility, they will do everything in their power to make sure it comes true” (M Samuelson MA, The National Center for Health Promotion, 1998).

Every single person would like to improve at least one element of their personal health and well-being.

Ask yourself the question – what is the most important element of your health and well-being to you? Then take some action either on your own, with the help of a friend, or have a Personal Trainer assist you in setting some tangible goals or designing you a home exercise program. 

For further information on improving your Health and Lifestyle please contact:    Justin Moran – Health by Design Personal Training Operations Manager T: 1300 30 40 68      

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