LINEAR TRACKING TURNTABLE superior sound reproduction

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Although it is true that records DO sound superior to CD,there are varying qualities of turntables around , from the humble old Direct Drive (lots of wow and flutter) to the superiority of the later model Belt Drive system. They all have something in common though and that is,the tone arm pivots and thus relies totaly on the record grooves to gravitate the tone arm from the outer of the record toward the inner (too bad for those with scratched albums) !!!  There is of course one turntable that really shines through , and this is the Linear Tracking turntable, the last of the line in technology to be released just prior to CD's worldwide debut. Linerar Tracking turntables work on the principle of keeping the stylus and tone arm parallel to the record's groove and are less susceptible to being disturbed or 'jumping 'when the stylus comes in contact with a scratch, (this of course can only be a good thing) and are equipped with a Moving Magnet cartridge and the very small tone arm (around 150mm long) is driven by a solenoid and controlled via a micro processor, not bad technology when you consider that the PC was still in it's infancy and only available for the office !!!This is truly a remarkable machine and gets my vote for the finest turntable ever produced !!!     Uma Andersen
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