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   Little Golden Books For Sale On EBAY   

Little Golden Books were born in 1942 in the USA.A man named George Duplaix thought of this concept as back then Children's Books retailed for around $2-$3 each,quite out of reach for most families.He wanted a bright colourful book that all children could enjoy:)So the Little Golden Book was born!Retailing at around 25 cents back then this was excellent value.The year 2007 saw the 65th Anniversary of Little Golden Books.Over the years Little Golden Books have changed hands and now currently run by Random House.The Smithsonian Institution(the worlds largest museum)has these books under American culture and History.To this day over 2 billion little golden books have been sold worldwide,The Poky Little Puppy is believed to have sold over 15 million copies alone.These books have remained popular and are still being sold today after 65 years.

There have been themes and titles in Little Golden Books,Including things such as religion,nature,animals,transportation,TV shows,activity books(such as paints,wheel books,paper dolls,jet planes,puzzles, etc.They truly are in my opinion quite something and are very appealing.Who know these books could be around for another 65 years.

These books are really very good to collect and are wonderful for children to learn to read and enjoy the many themes that come with them.

These books hold memories for children and adults alike as they have been around for 65 years lots of generations have enjoyed these books and marveled at their wonderful themes and stories.

These books are more than just books,there is something very magical about these books.I think they are very deserving of their status as they really have something for everyone.Imagine in the early days when money was tight,that you could go and buy your child a book for 25 cents which not only was educational, but fun as well and even today children can enjoy them for a mere $2.99 which is value considering most books retail for much more than that.I can say that with ease, as  Little Golden Books are still being printed to this very day,by Random House whom purchased Golden Books in 2001 for 85 million dollars.

I highly recommend these books for a child's library or to just enjoy as a collection as they really are becoming quite a collectable item.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and here's to many more happy golden memories :-)

Below are some examples of the ever changing back covers from different timelines...

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