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I am writing this guide because I am totally disgusted with the incredible volume of fake soccer jerseys sold on Ebay. Buyers dont seem to do any research when buying jerseys and Ebay turns a blind eye to counterfeit items claiming they cant cancel listings if they cant prove the item is actually a copy.

Guide for who is selling counterfeit jerseys...

1. Most people selling cheap copies are located in Asia, so if you are buying from someone in Asia and price is cheap than dont think you are getting a licensed product. I must say that asian sellers are quite honest and if asked they will probably tell you the jersey is not an original.

2. The sellers you need to worry about are the aussie ones who will do anything to try to make you beleive that they are seling authentic items. What gives these sellers away is the type of teams they have available for sale. Its its just so predictable, they always sell the same items.........Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, Inter, is just so predictable.

3. Sellers who sell fakes will ONLY be able to offer you jerseys in size M or XL. Those are the sizes made for fakes, so if a seller only sells jerseys that are XL or M then you found yourself a fraud.

4. Tags mean absolutely nothing these days, Nike tags, Adidas tags, Puma tags or any other tag brand can be copied. So you might see a jersey that looks real, has tag which seems original but you will be buying rubbish. Second rate jerseys of no value.

I hope my guide will help all of you buy better quality items of real value rather than fakes sold as originals. Or at least if you are going to be buying fakes then pay the lowest price possible and know you are buying a fake.

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