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Let yourself relax, and without any judgment, go back in time to when you were a new born child, now create a picture, see yourself in the arms of your mother, with your father, his arm around your mother and his other hand gently and lovingly touching your hand, as they both lovingly and tenderly gaze on you.Feel the love, the warmth and the secure feeling.

This beautiful child is unique, there has never been, and there isin't any other like you. Everyone is special.

As we grow we take on FEAR, we become afraid of embarrassment, so we do less and do not try new things, believing that we will not come up to other peoples expectations, we become afraid of rejection, feeling that we are not good enough, we live our life in fear of being constantly judged by others, we feel alone and insecure, our life is not ours, we are trying to live our lives the way we believe other people expect us to.

We generally find what we are looking for, if we look for a fault in something we find it, if we look for something that upsets us we will find it, if we look for a way to fail we certainly will, it is only our perception that we see these things the way we do, we have the freedom to change the way we view things. It is the failing of things that we attempt, that leads to our fears, these fears become deep rooted , as they have started from a very young age, we have not learned to deal with failure, there is such a stigma attached to failure, this word should be so much more appreciated and respected, to fail means that you have attempted something, as a child first tries to roll over, to crawl, to stand, their first attempts were all failures, but our parents were so excited and proud of our attempts. It is what we take away from failure that is important, that makes you stronger, just as each time that child attempts to roll over it gets stronger, each time it attempts to crawl, and to stand up it gets stronger, untill it can achieve these things, that child then goes on to greater things, do not dwell on the failure, learn from it and let it go. AS Thomas Edison said when asked about his hundreds of failures, he replied that he had not failed but had found hundreds of ways that it would not work.

To heal ourselves we must accept and not be judgmental, we must love and respect ourselves.

We can now go back to that beautiful image of a perfectly unique child enjoying the warmth, security and love, and see in every cell the golden helix of this beautiful child's DNA, that is you, a golden child, now see and feel that child slowly blend into your body, feeling all the warmth, security and love filling every cell in your body, feel that special uniqueness, hear that that vibration that is you, accept love and respect it, give yoursef the freedom to grow and be successful, and to live your life the way you should without the fear, without the judgment and expectations of others, be true to yoursef. LOVE and heal yourself.

Rupert Fernandez  

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