Lack of information

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Too many sellers are listing their items in what appears to be a thoughtless hurry.  It would be helpful if when selling an amplifier for instance that information / specifications were fully detailed. Most electronics have basic specifications on the rear of the item. A link to the manufacturer's website is a great tool for buyers to be able to read reviews  etc. Photographs that are in sharp focus are essential - too many times the potential buyer has to peer through a haze to try and ascertain the condition of any item - just because the seller says the condition is "excellent" that is sometimes not the case. When an item such as an amplifier is listed not only are specifications necessary but also the measurements and the weight. Sellers need to remember that an amplifier is likely to be shelved in a unit with other electronic gizmos and needs to look the part - in some instances electronics are a piece of furniture !  It is also helpful if the colour is specified accurately - using words like "grey" is just not enough. Tell the potential buyer everything you know and more ! And lastly, should a potential bidder email you for further information try to respond within twenty fours, any longer and the seller looks careless.
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