Lancome Mascaras - What do they do?

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There are quite a few different choices when it comes to Lancome Mascaras.  The question is, which one to choose?  Well it really depends on what you want your mascara to do, and how you want your lashes to look.  Do you want longer lashes, thicker lashes, curvier lashes, more defined lashes?  Do you want your mascara to last all day, even when you swim?  Or would you like glittery lashes for those big nights out?  I will try and make your decision a little easier with this guide to Lancome Mascaras.


This mascara works to define your lashes by separating them and coating each lash from base to tip.  Comes in the largest range of colours including Black, Deep Black, Brown, Deep Brown and Navy.

Definicils Pro

Gives a fuller definition than that Definicils as it uses a curved brush instead of the straight brush the Definicils uses, coating the lashes with more mascara whilst still separating them.  Comes in Black, Deep Black and Deep Brown.

High Definicils

Lengthens and defines your lashes, and is easily removed.  Only in Black.

Definicils Waterproof

Gives you all the benefits of Definicils Mascara, but in a waterproof formula.  Comes in Black or Brown.


You can customise the volume of this mascara by up to 6 times the volume by controlling the number of layers you apply.  Will not smear, clump, or smudge.  Comes in Black, Deep Black and Brown.

Hypnose Waterproof

All the benefits of the Hypnose formula but will last up to 16 hours.  In Black or Brown.

Hypnose Drama

This mascara will give you instant high volume lashes with no clumping or flaking.  The brush is S-shaped to fully grasp and load up your lashes for maximum volume and a dramatic look.  Only available in Excessive Black.


Gives your lashes instant extensions by extending your lashes by up to 60%, attaching fibres to each lash.  Comes in Black or Brown.

*This is personally my favourite mascara - when I wear it my eyelashes touch the inside of my sunglasses - they don't normally!

L'Extreme Waterproof

Lash extending mascara in a long-lasting Waterproof formula.  In Black or Brown.

Courbe Virtuose

This gorgeous mascara both lengthens AND curves your lashes, holding the curve for 12 hours, while the brush encourages more curl from your lashes.  Is easily removed but almost smudge-proof and tear-proof.  Comes in black or brown.

Virtuose Black Carat

Do you want your mascara to Lengthen, add Volume AND add Curves to your lashes?  Then look no further than the Virtuose Black Carat.  This mascara does it all, with an easily removable but almost smudge-proof and tear proof formula.

Comes in 3 gorgeous shades which include Black Carat containing black essence pigments; Platinum Carat for a gorgeous night-time look; or if you are looking for some night-time sparkle Golden Carat gives you beautiful sparkling lashes that shine.

Cils Booster XL

Helps to separate your lashes in preparation for the mascara application.

Cils Design Pro

An amazing Dual End Mascara with one end containing a special brush to define and lengthen your lashes; the other end contains a Mini Comb that separates and enhances the outer lashes.  This combo makes you look as if you are wearing false lashes.  Only in Black.


The very first vibrating mascara from Lancome.  The vibrating brush combines with the ultra smooth formula to completely wrap every lash, giving you extended and separated lashes.  Available in Black and Metallic Brown.

Oscillation Powerbooster

This lash primer boosts the appearance of lash growth.  Used daily before your mascara application it results in visibly stronger and fuller lashes.  Used with the Black Oscillation mascara gives maximum results.


Almost all of these mascaras can be found here on eBay at fantastic prices, so experiment and have fun!

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