Laser Output Power Scam

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What is the Scam,
Some companies are claiming to be offering laser products with lets say 100mW of DPSS 532nm Green laser when in fact the are tuly outputting 50-60mW, or 1-Watt of green when in fact the output ranges from 500-800mW, or 350mW RGY when in fact the the total output is less than 250mW, or 1.2 Watts of RGB when the total power of the laser inside is <1-Watt. eBay is full of such claims of high power outputs and how would you know if this is true?

How is this happening?
Well it is simple. You don't own a laser power meter and neither does you the customer.

Why is this a problem?
Beacause you are not getting the output you are paying for. If the cost of a 50mW green laser is half of a 100mW output and the company charges market price for a 100mW with a 50mW output then the manufacturer/seller is making is making profit on your lack of understanding of the technology and your lack of testing equipment.

The power meter is your friend:
It does not lie; it is not influenced by marketing hype, or sales pressures. When used correctly it tells you  the truth within +/-5% accuracy.
There are a couple of low cost pocket sized laser power meters as illustrated  below.

Coherent Inc. Laser Pen excellent for testitng all visible ranges of laser output up to 1-Watt CW

How measure Power Output:
1. Follow instructions in the manual to produce a solid laser beam emmitting from projector.
2. This test must be performed on static beam without blanking or modulation.
3. Follow the instructions in the power meter manual to operate meter
4. Make sure the meter has selectable wavelength (only for the meter based on optoelectronic effect) you set the meter to the appropriate wavelength for the test e.g. 532nm  (green), 635 or 650 or 671nm (red) 473nm or 457nm (blue).
5. Take your measurement of the beam

OK so it says more than the specified power on the green laser? Well false readings can happen if the laser has not been made with an Infra-red filter. (e.g.) 50mW green +20mW of IR, you measure 70mW of power, in fact only 50mW green.

DJ Traximus Lasers:
DJ Traximus lasers are certified to output minimum stated power. >250mw means the minimum power output is 250mW and the IR component is compliant to be less than the IEC standard of 10%. We are the only laser seller on eBay to make this guarantee. In fact our lasers are the only lasers on eBay to meet IEC standards.

Be Informed!
Ask the seller questions on the power output and if it has been measured and if possible cerfified power output. Another practice is to pump more out of the diode to get higher power readings but this tactic reduces the diode life time. You will note that most sellers offer warranty based on time rather than number of hours used. There are number of factors that influence diode life and these will be covered in another guide.

Happy lasering
DJ Traximus

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