Lasers and Gobos

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More from the horor listings by eBay Laser sellers - I have seen listings claiming that the laser project gobo's - Let's put the record straight.

Do Laser projectors project Gobo's?
Well, uh, no. When you see a listing that calls a laser effect a Gobo it is not because the company has some unique technology. In fact it is more likely that the company was originally a lighting company and knows ver little about laser terminology.

Laser projectors project effects and images in the form of frames and patterns.

There are multiple variations to laser images. For example a programmer might call a striaght line a laser plane effect. Or a curved line a sine wave pattern. From the audience perspective the call this a laser sky pattern, or aerial effect.

A picture projected by a laser is typically referred to as a still image. Typically still images are single frames with a pre-coded number of frame repeats to make appear to be projected for long durations. Single frames can also be used to simulate a gobo pattern be projected but it is not a gobo.

Graphics or animations are sequences of frames to achieve and animated visual. Again these are not referred to in appropriate laser language as Gobo's.

So chances are if you run across the use of Gobo and laser together you should consider the source more carefully. A lack of understanding in terminology is usually a good indicator of lack of experience or laser knowledge.

If you see a listing that describes patterns as being defined by the ILDA move on. The ILDA does not define any display patterns other than the scanner tuning pattern shown below:

I will cover scanning in another guide as it should be known that these numbers used in the context of eBay listings are meaningless and I will tell you why.

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