Last Minute Bidding

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The art of winning that item that you have had your eye on can be a tricky and often frustrating process.    Often, your winning bid will be beaten right at the last second, which from personal experience can be very frustrating!!!!  There are many methods that have been suggested to gain that upper hand, and to win that prized item - here's a few tips for winning that item that you have been eyeing off, and saving some money in the process (always a bonus!!! - Isn't that the whole reason we use eBay?!?!?):

  • Don't put in your MAXIMUM maximum bid early on in the auction; this can often lead to inflated prices, especially if you have a lively auction on your hands
  • Make sure your research BEFORE you start bidding - you don't want to be caught up in the heat of the moment, win the item, only to find out at a later date that you could have bought the item cheaper at a BUY IT NOW price, or even worse, you could have bought it new at retail cheaper!!!!
  • Watch the auction in the last 10 minutes, and don't forget to hit that refresh button regularly - I would recommend every couple seconds in the last minute, even if it seems like you are going to be the winner - you don't know what someone elses maximum is!!!!!!!
  • In the final minutes of the auction, put in your maximum bid - I know this might sound obvious but I've been guilty of forgetting (and missed out by a dollar!!)
  • Remember your personal limits, and that research you previously completed - make sure you stick to them

So remember: don't get caught up in the heat of bidding, remember your limits, and stick to them.  Being eBay, there is most likely going to be the same or similar item listed in the near future, so don't lose sleep over losing to another eBayer, and remember to keep on smiling :)

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