Laundry Soap natural soap for cleaning around the home

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These days a lot of money can be spent buying what you think is the best laundry detergent on the market, and yes, it may do a great job of cleaning all the dirt, grime and stains from clothing. 


Do you realise, even after thorough rinsing, how much irrating synthetics can be left in the material?  Many people have suffered years of itchy skin, unexplained rashes, ezcema, dermititus etc. not realising many of these problems are due to this washing residue.

These irritants can be avoided by washing your clothes, particularly underwear and socks with natural (synthetic-free) soap and not harsh, synthetic detergents. Natural bar soaps are great for hand washing, but for use in the washing machine, can be used as follows:

Instructions for using natural soap in the washing machine

  1. Purchase pure natural soap bars (containing no artificial fragrance) and shread them with a hand held food grater.
  2. put about 25gm of this shredded soap into a large heat proof jug or bowl
  3. boil a couple of cups of water and pour over the soap
  4. leave sit for about five  minutes to melt the soap before adding to running water in washing machine

To enhance the cleansing and deoderising properties of the soap ( and hasten the melting of the soap ) at step 4

  • add about 1/4 cup aof bicarb of soda to the hot water and soap mix ( you will need a fairly big jug as this mix will foam rapidly)
  • stir with a spoon until the foaming stops
  • use this mix to wash the clothes


If you have purchased natural soap for the laundry, try also using it for cleaning surfaces around the house. All that is required is to lather the soap onto a sponge, then wash and wipe dry. You will find your benches and other surfaces (even glass) will look bright and shiny (and streak free).

Also try it for dishwashing and see how shiny it leaves dishes and glasses as well as the sink.

FOR PURE NATURAL SOAP BARS or NATURAL SOAP POWDER, please check out  Natural soap by JenSher


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