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Easy to use, easy to clean, lifetime warranty

A bit on the expensive side but still worth every penny

The Bottom Line
When it comes to cooking and cleaning these pans have made my life much easier.

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Tupperware has done it again. Just when you think you have it all when it comes to the Tupperware line, they come out with something even better. The new Chef's Series Culinary Collection is a premium line of cookware. This set of pots and pans feature the latest in quality and design.

The tri-ply, or clad construction consists of an aluminium layer fused between two sheets of stainless steel. The aluminium core is consistent throughout the encapsulated base to ensure even and efficient heat on all cook top surfaces. (gas, electric, ceramic, and induction). I have never had any hot spots no matter what size burner I am using. The rest of the pan is made from 18/10 gauge stainless steel. Which means that the pans are 18% chromium and 10% nickel, making it shiny and rust resistant.

The design of these pans is both attractive and functional. They have a mirror polish to enhance their beauty, so whether you put them away in a cupboard or choose to leave them out they have a nice lustre to enhance your kitchen. They have attractive curved sides which serve both for looks and for use when stirring liquids and sauces. The cast hollow handles have a great grip and stay cool to the touch when cooking on the stove top. However these pans can also be used in the oven up to 220 degrees. In that case be warned that the handles will get hot; please remember to use a pot holder. The handles are not screwed onto the pot so you will never be looking for that screw driver to tighten the handles. These handles are riveted in for solid construction.

The interior of the pan is coated with a Pro Platinum Teflon by Dupont. This coating is sprayed on and then baked for several hours to give a durable coating. The Teflon coating carries a 10 limited warranty against defects in the materials or workmanship. I suggest using silicone or non metal utensils in these pans to avoid scratching or damaging the pans, although I must admit I have used metal utensils at times, and have not scratched them yet. The non stick coating inside allows for cooking without adding fat to your cooking. This is great if you need to have fat free or low fat cooking or just for healthier cooking.

The pan covers are made from tempered glass. They are perfect for stove top cooking, they are see through so you don't have to remove them to look into what you are steaming or cooking. These covers will break if dropped on the floor, but the glass will break into pellets rather than shards of glass. The tempered glass covers are oven safe up to 180 degrees.

Cleaning is a breeze; the interior just washes out simply with warm soapy dishwater. Of course you should never put a hot pan directly into the water. Use a non abrasive pad or sponge to clean. When cleaning the exterior of the pans you can clean easily as well, for those stubborn grease stains, I use a quality stainless steel cleaner by Essteele. This keeps the pan shiny like new. No good pots and pans should be placed in the dishwasher as it can harm the integrity of the stainless steel.

This set of pans may seem expensive; however you get what you pay for. I have had many different pans over the years. When you invest in a good set of pans you don't need to worry about the handles, the non stick surface, or the durability of the overall pan. I have been using my pans since October and I love them. I have yet to have even one complaint, and I can't wait until they add a few more to the collection. Another great selling point for me was when my husband first used the cookware, he loved it as well, and commented that it was the nicest cookware he had ever used.

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