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"I wish I could draw", how many times have I heard someone say that to me. When people discover that I am an artist they fall into two categories. Ones that want to learn to draw and those who do not want to learn to draw. Learning to draw is really quite simple. All it takes is the right instruction and you will see results immediately. I recently had a friend of mine, Mike, ask me to teach him to draw faces better. Upon asking if I knew how to draw faces, he looked a little unsure at first because he thought to himself, "what if he really doesn't know any more than I already know?" I answered in a quitely confident manner, thinking to myself, "what if I can't teach him what I know?". Well to cut a long story short, we organised a time for a one hour lesson. Using a technique I was familiar with, we set about to "Rethink - they way we see things" and the results were stunning. My friend Mike has now got a renewed enthusiasm for portrait painting and he can't wait to start his next painting. I you are thinking about learning to draw, send me an email and I can help you get started, just like Mike your great artworks await you. I can send you the paintings that Mike had done, before and after, and I will let you be the judge. Can you paint faces well? Just email me at greg@gtgart.com.au
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