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One thing that is important to any industry where you sell or buy items is market reasearch, Ebay offer a lot of tools right at your finger tips. I have learnt and I am still learning a lot of tricks to make my life easier and my customers happier. Here is something I found recently and love it it is a really great way to do some market research on an item you are considering selling.

First do a title only search on the item you want to sell or are selling next go down the page on the left hand side under the heading 'Search Options' click the radio box 'Completed listings' then go down and click 'Show Items' This will give you a list of auctions that have finished now reorder the list to show highest price first. go down the listand check out the auctions that have bids on them. Check out what makes the listing stand out why they are getting bids and the possible why is his ad working.

You can also reverse the listing so the lowest prices are shown first check out the ones that got bids why did this ad get so much less than the other ones. Check out catergories title wording time of day and day finished anything that can affect a sale.


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