Learning From Others

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"  How  I've  Learnt  From  Others  To  Make  eBay  a  Great  Experience  "


*  Learning  From  Others *


                        *  One  of  the  best  things  available  on  eBay , is their  FEEDBACK  system   &  one  of the Most Important  things to do is to COMMUNICATE   * 


I  found  that  EVERY  eBay  member  that  I had  ANY  problems  with,  if  I'd  spent  the extra time checking their feedback, I could've  saved  myself  HOURS  of  needless  worry.


As a Buyer,     I have  been Very lucky  and  haven't  had  many  problems  on  eBay. The main problem has been the amount of time a seller has taken to decide to post.  If  I'd  check their  feedback, then I  could've  seen other buyers'  feedback stating :   " Paid in Jan & still not rec.  March 25th " ,  with a later addition to that feedback  " Item arrived 31st March "  -

Things like this, item taking 2 or 3 months to arrive have been the main problem that I have had as a buyer.  I  now ALWAYS  read  their  feedback  &  take note of any &  ALL negatives & neutrals.

I also take note of how many " Mutual Withdrawn ". 

I believe that the Feedback  %   gives  you  a good  idea of  how this member treats other Ebay members.


                    If I see someone has left a negative,    I then check THAT person feedback -

       Their          " Left for Others"         to see if this is a habit on their part.

I have seen some  buyers who have left 10 Negs, 5 Neutrals and only 2 Positives.


There will ALWAYS be those who wont be happy, no matter what.    So, with the   " Left For Others"    we,  as  strangers  to  each  other,  are a ble  to  check  &  see  EXACTLY  when  &  what  they  said about  other  members.   If  I  see  someone  leaves  Negs  &  Neutrals  a  lot,  then  I  will  ignore  their feedback .


If I spend a few extra minutes & take the time checking the feedback of a seller, I can discover , with a fair amount of certainty EXACTLY how good a seller they are &  this  little  effort  can  make  the  difference  between  having  a  pleasant  &  fun  experience  on  Ebay &  having  a  headache.

Also , as a buyer , I always let the seller know that I've Paid and  how I've paid. I use my eBay ID  name  or the last 6 digits of the item as a reference and inform the seller.  I also email them when  I've received the item & that I am happy or if there's a problem I do this BEFORE  I leave ANY feedback.


As a seller :     I  cannot see why any  seller   would  wait so long to post items.  As  a  seller ,  I  believe  in  posting  the  same  day  or  the  very  next  day   the Post Office  is  open.  The  main  problem  that  I have  found,  is  overseas  buyers   thinking  that  the  postage  listed for  postage  within  that  country ,  is  the  postage  they  will  be  paying.  When  they  are  sent  an  invoice ,  with  the  correct  Overseas Postage ,  I then get  NO  REPLY.  I  send  emails  asking  if  they  have  changed  their  mind , let me know  &  still NO REPLY.  This is very annoying, as I don't wish to give Negs but when a buyer wont let the seller know they don't want the item, then I cannot offer to the next higher bidder for at least 2 weeks - and by then, the 2nd highest bidder usually doesn't want  or has  bought elsewhere.  

 If  a  buyer lets me know that they've made a mistake , then I just fill out the Ebay form - which is sent to BOTH  the seller & buyer - asking that we BOTH  be allowed to cancel this contract. Ebay gives the seller their Fee back  &  the buyer doesn't get a Non Paying Bidders ( NPB )  Strike  against them.  EVERYONES  HAPPY.

 When  selling, I try my best to state anything & everything that I can think of, even the overseas postage ( yet a lot still get that wrong )  but , we are humans & sometimes don't think of some things.

Because of this, I suggest the buyer use the " Ask seller a Question" & get as much information as possible about the item. DON'T WAIT FOR THE LAST MINUTE , as by the time you get your answer, the item may have ended. PLUS : remember, if it is overseas, there's a time difference, in some cases, while  you are eating breakfast , others are heading to bed for the night. So, allow time for the reply.

I have had MANY great buyers  & sadly, a few ( only ) nasty ones. Ones that don't even bother to let you know they don't want the item & ignore emails. (  No one likes being ignored & this only makes the seller annoyed & stuck with fees & unable to sell their item for approx 2 weeks. )   Others who don't like your record, so have left ( not me ) a seller a neg because " I hate anyone who has 100% " - Again,  this persons FEEDBACK  was able to tell me that he left Negs to sellers on a constant stream.


As  a  Seller,  I email the buyer & let them know their payment has been received & that I've posted their item from the Post Office - I also give the P.O.'s address - This info helps if the item takes too long & the buyer can then check with their P.O. as to where it may be. I ALWAYS  get receipts from the P.O.  & ask them to put the zip / post code on the receipt. I try & use recycled packing materials / padded bags / satchels. This helps cut down the postage & handling costs. I also photograph the parcel - so ,  if there's ANY problem,  I can then email the buyer  the photo & they can describe - IN DETAIL - the parcel to the Post Office. This can help solve , what could turn out to be , a problem BEFORE  there is one !

TIME    is  another  problem  that I've had as a seller - A buyer from ex: the U.K.  bought on the Friday & on the Monday was emailing asking        " Where is it - I haven't received it yet " ?????         I do find that a lot of buyers don't take into account the weekends, holidays or even the fact that we may be on the other side of the world. I try and let buyers know the time the parcel will take, to reach them.  Ex:  "  I have posted your book today & you should be receiving it in approx: 10 days. " Or , something similar.


COMMUNICATION    is  one  of  the  MOST  important  things & sending the Buyer or Seller emails to let them know what is happening, is the best & easiest way to make Ebay simple, easy & a great experience.  If there's any problems, email FIRST - BEFORE  you leave feedback  & try and resolve the issue FIRST.

A  few  short  & pleasant  emails,  that  wont take you long, can make a difference  between someone wondering if they have been scammed & someone KNOWING  their item will be arriving soon. I try & take the time, no matter how tired I am, to send an email & let the buyer or seller know what is happening,  if  I've paid, how & what the reference is - OR , if I've received their payment,  when I've posted.  This mayn't  sound  like much but an email can make a BIG  difference.


Hope some of the things that I've learnt help you - 

                                                                                        Have a Great Day.  

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