Leather Wallets

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Leather Wallets

Leather Wallets are being used more and more in every day society. Listing wallets is quite stressful, though, because there is so many for a buyer to choose from.

To list them. Make SURE:

1) You have highlighting.

2) You have a Gallery Image.

Without these, your item will NOT stand out from the other wallets for sale. Also, make sure you do not list a wallet for more than 3 days and make sure it ends on a Weekend. That way, consumers can see your item and buy it.

Make sure your item is not too highly priced - there is heavy competition on the market and there is simply no way to combat this, as it isn't going to change. You need a low price. If you can't sell for a low price, it probably won't sell on Ebay, but keep in mind there are always chances - one day your wallet could sell for twenty dollars, the next, forty. Look at how many people are bidding on the type of wallet you are offering before listing, and see what they will pay.

Make sure you specify whether it is a WOMAN'S or MAN'S leather wallet style. No one is going to buy unless they know - I speak from experience. Even if you put "UNISEX STYLISH LEATHER WALLET" that is better than just saying "LEATHER WALLET."

Lastly, make sure your photo is saved as a .png image. It is the best quality image you can get - and it will make your wallet seem that extra bit better. If you have Brand Cards, that come with a wallet, such as a "Billabong" card that goes in the front, clear case to seem more professional, put it in. If it's New in Box - specify that in the description and the item title. People love 'New in Box' leather wallets!

That's all you need to know about leather wallets, good luck and happy selling!

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