Let's Start Selling on EBay - But WHAT?!

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Let us assume that you're unsure of what to sell - many  sellers start off in exactly the same situation - Some readers will already have an idea, but for others, this is one of the subjects which can make them twist and turn for days or even longer, thinking 'what is the right thing to sell to make big money?'

I've even been asked many times this exact question but potential EBay traders...

My answer is always the same!


Wrong thought already ... to only be involved in the business of online trading for the sole purpose of making 'big money' could easily result in disappointment.

Those who think of 'big money' may well also expect 'quick money' forgetting that 'long hours' and 'lots of work' are also vital ingredients.


Terrific, let's just jump to deal with the subject of NOT knowing what product to sell, because lots of what is in this section, will also make interesting reading (I hope!)

Do you have a hobby?

Often responses such as Horses, Cars, Racing, Football, Sports, Stamp Collecting, Sewing, Reading, Scrapbooking, Photography are quick to come to mind.

OK, so you can sell books and cars online, but in reality, how many do YOU have of those available to sell, and consider the delivery of those items.

When considering what to sell, it's important to think of the postage/freight costs. It's what I think of now before anything else, when I assess any new item I consider may be a potential new line. Consider the cost which needs to be added, does it make the overall cost of the item, too high for the majority of buyers? Put yourself in their position! Would YOU pay your asking price plus the required postage for THAT item?

ANSWER: Very possibly NOT.

BUT you have made a step in the right direction.

You've considered your alternatives and options and weighed up the pros and cons.

Let's assume here, that you enjoy Horses and horseriding. Perhaps selling accessories maybe an alternative for you.

You already obviously have an interest and knowledge of the industry, so use your knowledge and start researching with the intention of selling.

Are there already many traders online selling items such as horse rugs, brushes, bits, bridles, worming pastes, etc?

Are the prices competitive with retail prices?

Also, research the number of bidders ... are there many on a consistent basis?

Perhaps its worth placing one or two items for sale (we'll deal with how in another Guide) just to research the reaction of the market. Remember it can be a new or used item.

If you do that and find it works, then you're on your way.

But what if it doesn't?


One thing Obemine (the author of this Guide) has found with any of the products sold over many years of working within a sales environemtn, is that having the passion for the product is imperative.

Without it, your sales will always only be mediocre, at best.

It becomes evident in the way you write your item description and the way in which you transact with your customers.


"If the shoe doesn't fit, don't wear it!"

translates to ...

If you don't love the product you're going to sell, or even feel it's a great value for money item, or that it has something fabulous going for it, don't sell it! (Find something else)

With a strong background in business, Obemine aka Lindy's Goodies has owned retail businesses, and held Senior Management positions within a variety of industries including Advertising Agencies, Newspaper, Radio, and Recruitment over the last 20 years.

Furthermore, Obemine has also spent many years writing for a local newspaper (and still contributes when time permits!), enjoyed a stint as an on air radio presenter, and is often called upon for advice on business principles including strategies, marketing, sales, importing and advertising.

More Guides will be available and it is hoped that in some way, they will offer some assistance and useful information to all readers.

May all your EBay experiences be good ones!



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