Levels of Healthy eating .... OK not to choose organic.

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Different levels of eating healthy.

Some simple action steps that you can do to begin eating healthy without spending a lot of extra money or time – all the way up to the max level of eating healthily. In General no matter where you buy from. The fresher and purer the better. Frozen is better than canned. Fresh is better than frozen.  The less on the list of ingredients the better.

Foods that are fine if they are NOT organic –
1. avocados
2. pineapples
3. cauliflower
4. mangoes
5. sweet peas
6. asparagus
7. onions
8. broccoli
9. bananas
10. Garlic
11. whole grains
12. beans
13. spices
14. Nuts and Seeds

Foods that should be organic
1. peaches
2. strawberries
3. apples
4. spinach
5. nectarines
6. celery
7. pears
8. cherries
9. potatoes
10. bell peppers
11. Dairy Products
12. Meat – unless you know it is from a good source – like grass fed beef. Local farmers who don’t put tons of steroids in the cow to get it to grow quicker, and who don’t feed them lost of grains and the cows that get lots of fresh air - A lot of beef is grain fed and not humanly raised.
13. Eggs – unless you know it is from a good source like above.

The different levels of eating healthy
Some people think, it takes to long to read the labels.
Yes, it will take a while the first time you do it, but next time you go to the store, just buy the same thing. No extra time.
First – read the Food labels:
The square black and white box with basic food information is garbage. It tells you pretty much nothing useful for healthy eating.
You must find where the written out list of actual ingredients are on the food. Produce will not have this list and it is all fine.
This list tells you what is actually in the food you are eating.

Shopping in a regular grocery store levels:
1.    Read the fine print labels and avoid eating anything with added sugars. Or added sugars are at least the 4 th ingredient on the list or lower. Added sugars are anything that rhymes with Gross – like sucrose, fructose, glucose, etc. and Corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup.
2.    Avoid refined carbohydrates. Eat 100% whole grain breads, whole grain pasta’s, whole grain (brown & wild) rice, whole grain cereals. – this is different than 100% wheat. 100% wheat is the type of grain. It still is not whole. It has to say whole otherwise it is not.
3.    read the labels and avoid anything with added oils (unless you know it is not a hydrogenated oil – which almost all of them are in the regular section of the store) or other ingredients you cannot pronounce the name of.
Health food store or section levels:
1.    The next level is buying food from the health food section of the grocery stores. If you just buy from this area, it will greatly make it easy to eat with out reading labels.
2.    apply the same rules as above to the health food section
3.    Then make all organic choices after applying the rules from above.
4.    Then eat only Fresh from the health food section – no boxes or cans. (this one is really tough – I don’t do all this level yet)

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