Library for Jewelry Findings & Supplies

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Library for Jewelry Findings & Supplies

by Hong(Lisa) of 8Season

Jewelry findings& supplies are refer to the components of a jewelry, such as bails, bead caps, bead cages, beads tips, clasps, jump rings, spacers and so on. They are small but essential because of their indispensable function in connecting a jewelry piece together.
The findings act in different situation and owing of different purposes. 

Jump Ring

1. It is a circular ring of metal, can be open and closed for it unsoldered.

2. It is small but part and parcel of a bracelet or a necklace; it can help you to connect the clasp to the chain. Of course you can move it if there is need.

3. Multifunction: it can also make chains and be used as a part of a clasp.

Jump Rings and Split Rings

What's the difference between a jump ring and a split ring?  A jump ring is a solid silver wire in the shape of the ring which has an opening.  You twist it apart, put it on your charm and then twist it back together.  A split ring looks like a miniature key ring.  You slide the charm on one of the wires and then slide it around until it fits through both wires.  You can also visit your local jeweler and have your charms soldered on.  The disadvantage to this method is that you have to pay to have this done each time you want to move your charm around. 

Antique silver bail

1. Like the jump ring, it is common and popular used in necklace and bracelet.

2. There are many type of bails, from simple designed to novelty and attractive bails. Like the image showed, there is an extra loop on the bail itself so you can attach your favorite beads and charms. On the one hand it can string on a chain and used as a spacer, on the other hand you can hang your charms and pendants.

3. New types are ever-increasing for humans’ endless inspiration. So this can beautify your jewelry and make it unique.

Bead tip

1. the exclusive function: conceal your knots, particular in cord chain jewelry.

2. Connecting the clasps to the chain, it can give your jewelry a clean and professional look.


Toggle Clasp

1. the range of this clasp is very popular. According to customers’ preference, this classic design will never go out of fashion.

2. It consists of two parts, the ring portion and bar segment. Meanwhile it can be got on and off easily, looks elegant and graceful. So it is definitely a better choice for your jewelry making ending.

Magnetic clasp

1. the specialty of this clasp is based on the use of magnetic. As a result of this feature, everyone, especially the elders and the person whose hand are disabled, can use it easily. You just need to put the two parts closer when you want to wear your jewelries. 

2. Attention: the pregnant women and those who have heart disease should not wear it for considering your health condition. 

Lobster clasp

This shape is very common and popular, named as it looks like a lobster claw. It is easy and secure to use, so if your jewelry is heavy and precious, this clasp will be your best choice.


1> Maybe you have faced such condition, that you can’t afford or needn’t to fill the whole jewelry piece with expensive beads. What could you do? Perhaps the spacer can help you to solve the puzzle.

2> In addition, its novelty design can also make your project beautiful and unique.

Bead Cages

To insert the bead in cage can beautify your jewelry and make it novelty and unique. In addition it can also enhance and secure the beads.

Head Pin

1. A head pin is a pin with a small piece in the end. The piece can keep the bead stay on the pin. Then you can use pliers to hang it on the jewelry.

2. It allows you to design your project as your desire.

Eye Pin

Eye pins have the same function as head pins. But at the end is a loop instead of a small piece. This loop plus another function, you can suspend additional beads or things.



1. It’s absolutely an unbelievable design. From the image you would find out its difference. It can connect more bits and pieces according to your favorite.

2. this style is widely used in necklace and earrings.

Earring finding

Earring findings are also classified as earring components which are parts or materials of making a piece of earring. The making process is interesting and it is a way to express your personal style. These earring findings allow you to produce whatever you want and they can inspire your imagination. There are four main parts in our category: wire hooks, earring post, back stoppers, earring clips.

Wire hooks

The wire hooks are the basic form of jewelry findings. It has different plating colors and variation types of wire hooks. Take sterling silver earring hook for example, you can hang the hook on your ear and attach beaded jewelry on the other end loops. The sterling silver wire is more durable and stronger but also beautiful. In addition the person who is sensitive to metal can consider this type.

Earring post

The earring post includes a metal post which used to get through your ear and a rubber nut to prevent the earring from falling of. The front of the post can be plain, or decorated with a gemstone or other shapes with a hoop that you can hang beads or charms according to your design.

Earring clips

This earring finding is arranged for people who haven’t got pierced ears. You can clip the earring clips on your ears securely. There is a loop below the clip to attach your favorite beads.

Back stoppers

Compared with the earring clips, the back stoppers can be used on pierced ears. First insert the pins or earring posts into your ears, and then fix the back stoppers. They can keep your earrings in place and make you feel comfortable. The rubber and metal back stoppers are your insurance against earring lost.

String materials

The string materials are essential components for jewelry, without the string neither bracelet nor necklace existed. But we often neglect the string materials especially when they are covered by the beads entirely. The following are string materials: chain, thread &cord.


Chain is a series of connected links. The chains are varied owing to the plating color, the size and thickness of the link. So the multiple chain types give the designers more choices to express their creativity. Hang the charm or pendant on a chain to make an updated look. Reflect your unique style.

Thread & cord

The thread are used to string the turquoise or coral beads together of course you can string other kinds of beads. But when choose the right thread you should consider the size and weight of your beads. As the beads are moving around your wrist or necklace, so it should be solid and strong enough to avoid fray and damage.

The cord

Using the cord to string jewelry will express another style. It looks simple yet fashionable as well. There are different sizes and colors of cords for your design to make you feel fresh everyday.


Bookmark is a thin card which is commonly made of paper or plastic. The earliest bookmarks appeared at the end of the 16th century. And it is said that Queen ElizabethⅠ was the first to own a bookmark. The bookmark are used to mark the page and returned easily without damaging your book. The fashion design is an eye-catching bookmark with a loop in the head. You can hang the trinket on the loop to make your bookmark beautiful and special.

Crimp bead

The crimp bead is a multifunction device that attached on the beading wire. First it can be used in place of the bead tips to hide the wire knots while you should ensure that there is no surplus sharp edge which may scratch your neck or wrist. The significant function of the crimp bead is its connecting the wire and the clasp and makes them work well. The crimp bead is essential to make completed wire jewelry.  Crimp fasteners and tube beads can make a professional look for your jewelry.


In the ancient times, jewelry has been made for various uses such as the wealth, the storage, the symbol of property and social status. Recently it has been mainly treated as personal ornaments and adorns nearly every part of the body. The beading jewelry is for the wedding and dance wearing especially matching the low-cut dress.


Charm is a nice adornment to hang on the bracelet, necklace, key chains and cell phones or even as a zipper pulls. As most jewelry, the wearing of charms dated back to the prehistoric times. And the charms has come back during the Queen Victoria period and the world warⅡ,the soldiers returned home with trinkets from the countries where they have combated. In recent times the charms are as popular as ever. Each charm has a special meaning to the wearer as it can represent your interests, hobbies and revive a vacation trip or an essential event. The charms come in many forms and shapes, just pick your favorite charm and show your individuality.


From the technical point of view, there is difference between charm and pendant, but most of the time they are resembled in uses. Usually pendant is a little larger than a charm and mostly it can be hang from a necklace only. The pendant has a bail which allows it to moving on the necklace chain. While the charm is hooked by a jump ring or split ring which is not as flexible as the pendant. Besides the charms, select a pendant to diversify your design. Such as the love heart charm pendant, silver lock charm pendant, all of them are elegant and eye appealing.

Sterling silver

The sterling silver is composed of 92.5% pure silver and the remaining 7.5% is an alloy, usually copper. The adding of copper is just to make the jewelry strong and durable because the pure silver is too soft to damage. While the sterling silver jewelry is still brilliant owing to its silver property. Chemically the silver is not very reactive; it does not react with water or oxygen ordinarily. So some sensitive skin can take into account of this sterling silver jewelry.

Jewelry bag & box

After completing your jewelry, I think you also need a jewelry box or bag which made your jewelry looks decent and exquisite. Especially nobody wants to leave their gems jewelry casually at the risk of getting damaged or weather-stained and the sterling silver jewelry tarnished when they are not wearing it. So a jewelry box or bag can satisfy your customer and then promote your jewelry sold like hot cakes. Jewelry box and bag are stylish and colorful. The draw-string organza gift bag is easy to use, while the organza bags are also shiny and fashionable as gift bags.

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