Lifan oil cooling.

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It has been brought to our attention that some owners of Lifan oil cooled models have considered fitting the engine without the cooler lines and radiator hooked up. I imagine this is because they don't yet have a mount for the cooler adapted to their frame.

Whatever you do, DON'T do this. Not even for a minute or two. You will completely starve vital reciprocating parts of oil. The two bolts under the front of the clutch side engine case, are only temporarily plugging the oil feed outlets. These outlets need to be joined somehow for the oil from the pump, to continue on to the head and to the crankshaft for lubrication and cooling. The oil cooler is the ideal part to use for this connection! When starting an oil cooled engine, it is recommended to warm your engine slowly for a minute or two and allow the oil pressure to build in the cooler system so everything is getting a good supply of oil before you rip into it.

If an engine builder for some reason doesn't want to run a cooler from here then it is possible not to, but these locations in the casing need to be linked somehow unless a more extravagant method of oiling is used.

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