Listing Items For Sale On eBay

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Timing Is Everything...

Don't just list your items at any old time of the day.NO-ONE is home through the day,most people work all week days and don't get a chance to log on to ebay and put in last minute bids.So an item that finishes on a Wednesday at 1.12pm in the afternoon may only attract 3 bids,your item is more likely to attract more bids if it were to finish at say 6.30pm.This way any-one who was watching the item has had a chance to get home from work get dinner started and then make a cuppa and log on to put their last minute bid in.Again even better if your item was to finish at 8.30-9pm would be better still as kids are in bed and most parents will log on to surf ebay around this time as they will have no interruptions.

What Days To Sell....

I have found personally,items that end on a Friday night attract more bids,Saturday nights even better,but best of all SUNDAY nights between 6pm and 9pm attract the most bids.I have listed items that finished mid week and didn't get a bid,yet when relisted and had that item finish on a weekend night it has sold for triple the starting price.Don't get me wrong...things still sell mid week and through the day...I have just found items sell better and for higher amounts on weekends when everyone is home to surf the net


If you want to list something for sale,the easiest way to start is to download eBay's own listing program..."TURBO LISTER"...It's FREE and depending on your connection speed it only takes a couple of minutes.Once you have done this,it's all plain sailing....When you get a spare few minutes create your listing and save it untill you're ready to upload to eBay.For Example...If you get a spare ten minutes to do your listings on Tuesday at lunch time,save them in "Turbo Lister" untill between 6&9pm that night to upload and choose the list for 5 days option.This way they will finish on a Sunday night and attract more bidders.

This just what I have found works for me.Give it a go and see if it works for you........Cheers killerjoolz

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