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I'm no expert with listing on eBay but I do know what I like to see and I have learnt a lot about postage costs now being a seller rather than just a buyer.

When I purchase an item, I like to know the postage costs up front. I don't like to have to contact sellers to find out as this could take up to 24hrs for a response. If my items are of an unusual shape which makes it hard to give one postage price, I try to add the various prices in my listings so buyers see exactly how much the item will cost then and there. I also state the approximate weight of the item in my listings so buyers (who are aware of the postage expenses) will see that the postage cost is reasonable. Postage costs are expensive for items weighing over 500g and costs have risen again here in Australia. For those who are unaware . . . Australian domestic postage prices rise every September so before leaving 'unfair' feedback in the postage option, please make sure you are aware of the actual postage costs as I think eBay users whom don't sell may need to educate themselves a little. Check out the 'Postage Centre' on eBay's Home page to learn more or ask your local post office. International postage for anything over 250g can cost a fortune so please also educate yourselves on this.

When I purchased my first item on eBay, I was pretty excited to find it in my mailbox. I somewhat hoped there'd also be a little surprise in there as well as my item. Bit childish . . . yes . . . but I'm sure others out there was hoping the same. So when I decided to sell on ebay, I thought "What could I place in my packages that wouldn't weigh much and people would love?" And I've come up with a great idea which I'm not going to share . . . wahaha . . . Can't give all my secrets away now can I ?!? The feedback I receive is great and I receive lots of personal emails thanking me also and telling me how much they loved their surprises. A great pleasure in life is making people happy and to receive this feedback gives me much pleasure just from inserting a little gift in their parcels. Sometimes I get tears in my eyes from the kind words I receive from other eBayers . . . but I can be a bit of a sooky la la  : )

Sometimes I spend hours on listing an item because I don't want to miss any little iddie bittie detail but sometimes I try so hard that I miss them. I'm constantly revising my listings to make sure buyers are reading the correct information. I'd like to see more listings with more detailed descriptions on eBay. It is so hard to purchase something on eBay because really . . . we're putting our total trust into that seller and one little thing that wasn't mentioned can go terribly wrong. This happened to me once when I purchased something from eBay. I was really happy with the item but the seller 'forgot to mention' the scratches all over it which was most disappointing for me. I was unable to use this for my business in the end and had to pay postage for refund. It just wasn't worth it for me. I still gave positive feedback because the buyer did communicate with me so I didn't think it was right to give negative feedback. I don't like to be mean :-)

I'd also encourage sellers to send more 'personal emails' rather than the eBay generated ones. Adds a nice touch, I think. Then buyers know that you are 'human' on the other end. I send usually about 5 emails to my buyers:
First one is the 'Invoice' (probably the worst one to send . . . he he)
Second a 'Thankyou for Payment Received' or 'Thankyou, Your Payment Has Cleared' (if paid with bank deposit/cheque) stating that their payments have cleared and confirming their address for postage
Thirdly a 'Postage Notification' stating I've posted their item
Fourthly (is that a word?) 'Thankyou for Positive Feedback' after buyers have left feedback. Inbetween there I may send a personal email if there's been some problem along the way, but I always notify my buyers (or sellers) and keep them updated. I hate being left in the dark about my purchases so I don't want my buyers to feel the same.

Well, that's enough for now . . . I'm all 'guided out'  : )

Thanks for taking the time to read My Guides. Hope they've been somewhat helpful.
Having said all that . . . now, a few years later, I only sell digital items on a CD. I thought I best let you know that those little surprises in the parcels were . . . wrapped lollies and blank keyrings ;-)

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