Longines Watch Buying Guide

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Longines Watch Buying Guide

Longines has been producing watches in the Swiss tradition for almost two centuries and their current product line touches on that tradition with a series called the Heritage collection. Longines also manufactures collections of sports watches, elegant fashion watches, and a Master collection featuring their most enduring styles of timepieces. Longines produces watches for both men and women with a variety of shapes, face designs, wrist bands and other features. Prices range from moderate to premium depending on the watch design and material construction. Sellers oneBay offer a good selection of Longines watches both new and pre-owned at competitive prices. Buying a Longines watch on eBay is convenient and affords buyers the opportunity to shop at home for just the timepiece that appeals to them.

Longines Watch Collections

Longines watch styles are identified by the collection that best describes the type of watch. The Longines line is divided into four categories Elegance, Watchmaking Tradition, Sport, and Heritage; each with their own distinctive characteristics.

Longines Elegance

Elegance describes three of the Longines Collections that combine beauty, sophisticated styling, and quality workmanship. The Longines DolceVita collection offers triangle shaped watch faces with stainless steel, 18 carat gold, or leather bands. Time markings on the face consist of a choice between Roman numerals, blank faced, diamond studs or gold markings for the hour locations.

The Longines PrimaLuna collection offers essentially the same options as the DolceVita collection only with round watch faces. Diamond studded crystals are available on both of these Elegance collections which are designed to adorn the wrists of elegant women.

The La Grande Classique de Longines collection features the ultra-slim case design that speaks of the elegance of these watches. The watch face options are classic Longines styles that are timeless in their beauty. The La Grande Classique collection offers both men's and women's style watches.

Watchmaking Tradition

The Longines Master collection for men and women include the most popular traditional styles of Longines watches. Choose from chronograph mechanisms, day and date displays, and moon phase displays with leather, stainless steel, and gold trimmed bands.

Longines evidenza collection consists of rectangular faced watches with chronograph options available in men's styles and simple retro look women's styles. Evidenza collection watches come in stainless steel dials with leather or stainless bands

The Longines Saint-Imier collection is named after the village where Longines began making watches in 1832. The Saint-Imier collection features a broad spectrum of styles that reflect the design diversity Longines has displayed in the tradition of Swiss watchmaking.

The Longines Conquest Classic line is a tip of the hat to Longines longtime association with the sport of horse racing. Chronograph models for men, as well as men's and women's date window dial designs make up the contemporary styling of the Conquest Classic line.

The Sports Collection

The HydroConquest line is an assortment of waterproof sports watches featuring red dial accents, and blue, or black dial faces. HydroConquest watches offer the chronograph option for men's watches and number unidirectional rotating bezels for both men's and women's styles.

The Longines Sport collection Conquest line offers the same types of styles as the HydroConquest watches, only without the radical face and crystal designs and red colour options. Just like the HydroConquest models the watches in the Conquest line are waterproofed also.

The Heritage Collection

With the Heritage Collection, Longines has taken their iconic products of years past and combined their beauty with today's newest watch technology to create some truly unique watch masterpieces. The Heritage collection also includes the Longines Lepine 180th anniversary pocket watch with its manually wound time keeping mechanism that stores 40 hours of power reserve. Three self-winding chronograph models are also offered in the 180th anniversary edition designs.

Longines Quick Reference Collection Comparison

Buyers looking to purchase a Longines timepiece can benefit from comparing the different styles available in the various collections the company offers. The following chart lists the different lines of Longines watches and their defining characteristics.

Collection or Line

Watch Characteristics


Elegant rectangular face, gold or stainless dials and bands


Elegant round face, gold or stainless dials and bands

La Grande Classique de Longines

Elegant ultra-slim dials in classic face designs

Master Collection

Traditional designs, chronograph, moon phase, day/date

Longines evidenza

Traditional rectangular faced, Arabic or Roman numerals


A broad spectrum of traditional Longines watch designs

Conquest Classic

Horse racing inspired designs, gold trimmed, chronograph


Waterproof, colourful sport/dive watches, rotating bezel

Sport Conquest

Basic sport/dive watches, stainless steel construction

Heritage Collection

Classic design, modern mechanism, 180th anniversary styles

The DolceVita and PrimaLuna collections are virtually identical except for the shape of the dial. The ultra-slim design of La Grande Classique de Longines features the elegant watch style Longines is noted for. The Heritage collection offers leather bands exclusively, with the exception of the 180th anniversary pocket watch.

Buying Longines Watches on eBay

When deciding to purchase a Longines watch, buyers should consider the convenience of shopping on eBay. Sellers offer a good selection of Longines models from the different collections Longines offers. You can purchase a new watch or a previously worn timepiece depending on the style and design you are considering. Enter Longines watch into any eBay search bar, press the enter key and a list of matching watches displays. Use the filter menu to select the watches category and further refine your search by choosing the construction material and gender of the watches you want to look through. Select the watch you like, complete the sale on eBay with the item's seller, and use PayPal for the most secure method of funding the purchase. Alternatively, make sure you regularly check out discounted specialty items on eBay Deals.

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