Looking for & Looking after Brand Name Kids Clothes Pt1

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Hi, and welcome to my first guide about good quality, authentic, designer babies and children's clothes.  I will be bringing you more advise in guides covering many articles to make your shopping experience with E-bay and including my Store, Bonzabids and WrigglePots, a great one!

You should enjoy everything about these guides and  forums plus your little one, if old enough, should enjoy looking with you and look forward to your bounties!

Buying brand name clothing from E-bay, for your beautiful baby/child/kids should be a happy experience for several reasons.  E-bay is a great place to shop for price, knowledge and resources. It allows you to afford good quality products at great prices.  Designer outfits for kids, whether they be brand new or second hand, they are made well from their cut, design, sewing, material and colour - die. Most of them are 100% Soft Cotton allowing your precious one's skin to breath, meaning less perspiration, greater movement and long lasting durability.

To get the best wear is not just about making sure your little one, or big one, doesn't get grass stains, but also how you launder (wash and care) for your new items of clothing.

It is always best to check instructions first and follow them.  It's also a good idea to wash the garment separately first before you wear them to ensure their is no sort of residue and soften the fabric a little more.  It is best if you use non-allergenic, certified organic laundry wash.  Rinse well with fresh water and then use again a non-allergenic, certified laundry softener/conditioner. The softener helps fabric last longer. There have been times when I have been desperate, and I can tell you I have even used a non-allergenic certified organic shampoo and conditioner for hair in the same way, and it has worked out beautifully. 

Dry clothes in shade with fresh air circulating and try to hang as many of them as you can, that way you don't have to iron as much.  If you are needing to use an iron spray, always make sure you put a towel down under the board on the floor, because too much build up of spray causes a slippery surface.  If the colour of the garment goes a little blue, don't worry, it just means that a good quality die has been used.

Brand Name clothes like, Carter's, Oshkosh and Genuine Kids by Oshkosh, Gymboree, Greendog, Polo by Ralph Lauren, Essentials and Baby Essentials,Cocoa, Ferocious, Smallpaull by Paul Frank, Quicksilver, Bonnie Jean are just a few of really great designers making fantastic well known clothes for kids of all ages and even for parents.

It is definitely worth your while to buy brand name clothing, because you get your monies worth and where else would you shop but E-bay.  Don't pay full price for you pants, tops, tees, hoodies, skirts, shirts, jackets, jumpers, vests, jeans , t-shirts, sleepwear, rompers, all-in-ones, play clothes, P.J's, polo shirts, dress-ups, pajamas...............................the list goes on and on.

Always make sure you buy from someone who has a great positive rating, that offers not just cheap postage but quality postage and wrapping!  Price does not always dictate when it comes to service and quality of care for your outfits and YOU the customer.  Take all things into consideration.  Research the garment and the sellers.  How professional are they really.  Do they offer a guarantee, multiple ways of paying, constant contact and reassurance, pleasant manner, good descriptions and photos, measurements, swift postage, great feedback from other customers, discounts and incentives, newsletters, tips, guides an about me page and a store to view.

I hope this helps a little more.  I will be bringing you more advise on several of these topics including measurements, terms used, and selling, plus updating you on more brands that you might not have heard of.  If you have any questions you can e-mail me.  I would appreciate if you could take one more minute to rate this guide.


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