Loose Weight the Ebay Way

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Loose Weight using Ebay

Leave Jenny and Craig Behind,Sick of Weight Watching yourself getting bigger?

Have your Choclate, a few extra Dollars and loose Weight to Boot!

 Let me show you how

  • Become a Seller, think you have nothing to sell,have you looked in you wardrobe lately?The 90's are so last millenium.Think that dress looks good on you.Hmmmm not realy sure.Not sure your friends dont want to offend you?Go to your local library and get out trinny and sussana's What not to wear,read it,look at your clothes,Those girls are right and you know it.Op Shops.Local Auctions.Now lets pretend your selling things.People have Flocked to your on line auctions,deposited some $ into your account,Now it's time to post people their items.O.K, now here is the tricky bit.read on and follow these instructions to the letter.

  • Pretend You Dont have a car or if you dont have a car,good ,no temptation.Now, you walk to the local post office to post the items.Thats it! O.K o.k I know this will not work in all circumstances.eg.Post office is next door or you live on a rural property and you would need to camp overnight.In the average sized town/suburb i belive it is possible for the able bodied person to do this.

After having my son i found it difficult to kick my chocolate eating addiction.I found it a excellent  boost to keep my energy up while i travelled to and from the hospital twice a day for 3 months,(premmie baby)It was great 4 get up and go! Problem was when baby finally came home,i still wanted my chocolate.

1 year later im still eating chocolate,(O.K not as much as i used to)but im also still loosing weight.i bought a 3 wheeler jogger from Ebay for $30 and im off and racing.Stick the Gym,they cost too much and realy you need a personal trainer for motivation.I just dont feel like weight watching,i feel like whatever i feel like eating.Jenny,Gloria,pre packaged meals,well i just dont have the cash.

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