Lorna Jane-ITB Ileotibial Band Syndrome

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I began running regularly 5 years ago. It only lasted 2 months. I was loving it and feeling very fit, but I'd always have to stop because of pain in my outer knee. It was diagnosed as ITB (Ileotibial Band Syndrome) and I was given stretching exercises to do pre running. Well, nothing worked. I was unbelievably frustrated and took to my bike instead, but it wasn't the same as the rush of running. On our recent beach holiday I decided to try a method advised by a friend. Lean on a tennis ball against a wall and move up and down and around from the knee right up to the hip. Then do the same in the buttock muscles. It hurt alot but it worked! I could run. Make sure you take at least 5 minutes of this type of massage on both legs and buttox because often pain that's on one side of the body is caused by problems on the opposite side of the body. I must say also that I didn't just go and run straight after the massage. I walked for about 5 minutes to loosen up other muscles, stretched, and then ran. Yes it does help when you listen to good advice and do the right thing by your body and not just rush into exercise. Happy running! And by the way, look good while you do it in some funky new Lorna Jane shorts, tops, or pants. Check out my store!
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