Lose Weight After Christmas Detox Gym Bootcamp Loss

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How to lose your Christmas Bulge

We all notice a little extra weight after indulging over Christmas. That extra piece of pudding or the box of chocolates that somehow disappeared all add up even when you're trying to be good.
Here are a few tips that may help you lose your Christmas weight sooner rather than later.

1. Find a gym buddy who's resolution is to lose weight - you probably have many friends whose New Years resolution is to lose weight. Find a time that suits you best and agree to exercise together. Meeting up with someone else is a great way to avoid excuses and make it a fun catch up too.

2. Detox - if you are feeling as stuffed as a Christmas turkey and the feeling isn't going away then try a detox. You can get kits from your local chemist or try googling for a short or long term detox that suits you. Juice fasts are fun and popular, just pop down to your local fresh food market, stock up on lots of yummy fruit and veg, get your blender out and start creating yummy juice combinations.

3. Bootcamp - how about joining a group of other local people with a professional trainer to guide your weight lose journey. Bootcamps are great coz you can burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time and you don't need to know how.

4. Lunchtime gym classes - if you're too busy to exercise you probably have a local gym near your home or office that runs morning or lunchtime classes. By getting your workout done before or during work it's out of the way early and you don't need to think about squeezing it in in the evenings of weekends.
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