Lose Weight Around Your Clavicle

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Often, individuals who want to lose weight have a particular shape in mind that they would like to attain. Some want to be big and muscular, others thin and taut. Many people, especially women, like the look that their clavicle (collarbone) provides when they are at their ideal weight. Although it is not possible to lose weight around only one area of your body, there are certain things you can do to lose weight all over and show off that lovely clavicle.

1 Eat a nutritious diet. The first step (and often the easiest) in losing weight anywhere in your body is to cut the number of calories that you consume.

The majority of your weight-loss diet should consist of fresh fruits and vegetables, followed by lean protein, followed by whole grains. Increase your intake of lean protein and healthy fats specifically if you will be doing muscle-building exercises to tone the neck and shoulders. This way, once muscle is built up in those areas, it will really allow your clavicle to stand out.

2 Exercise daily, or almost daily. The fastest way to lose weight through exercise is from cardiovascular training, which immediately burns calories that your body has stored as fat. Exercise for at least 45 minutes every day, preferably with one day of rest per week. Within a few weeks you'll start to notice the pounds coming off, including those in your upper body that hide your clavicle.

3 Do strength training moves that target your neck and the front of your shoulders. Wrap a towel around your head and move your neck down in front, back and side to side -- the extra weight of the towel will help build muscle in your neck. Work out your shoulders by bringing your hands up slightly above your chest with two weights in them. Hold the weights in place for as long as you can, but at least for 30 seconds -- this works out your shoulder and chest muscles. To make the move more challenging, push the weights alternately to the front of your chest and out to your sides -- see how many times you can do it in a minute. Consult a workout professional if you have trouble slimming down around the shoulders and neck -- she may be able to recommend additional moves.

4 Do other types of upper-body strength training. While this doesn't guarantee you'll see your clavicle, by working out the muscles in this area you stand a better chance. Do as many push-ups as you can within one minute. If you are unable to complete any regular push-ups, try resting on your knees and completing the push-up that way. As you build upper body strength over time, you should be able to complete regular push-ups, working out your chest and shoulders so your clavicle will be more visible.

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