Louis Vuitton Handbags

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I have been had several times for buying the had to have super bargain 'Louis Vuitton' handbag listed on Ebay, two I have been able to get my money back, one through Paypal and the other threatening the seller with legal action.

An absolutely obvious giveaway is the one with handles ' so new still wrapped in plastic', Louis Vuitton never, ever wrap any of their handbags in plastic, and despite several attempts to alert Trust and Safety to this fact it still goes on, much to my horror to see what buyers are paying for these cheap knock offs.

There is no such thing as a bargain cheap real Louis Vuitton handbag, I am now the proud owner of two of the real deal and the difference in the quality just can't be compared to what is out there.

Take the time to contact Carol Ives at Caroldiva.com to ensure that what you are paying for is not just a mass produced item that can be purchased at any market in any corner of the world.


LV Bags

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