Louis Vuitton. Originals or Copies. BEWARE!!!

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Hi there,
Never used this guide until today, Wow what a great idea.

Be warned that a high percentage of Louis Vuitton items sold on ebay are cheap copies.  I've been stung in the past and have refunded money to disgruntled buyers.
I bought what I was led to believe original  LV items.  In particular I refer to handbags, purses, clutch purses etc.
Me not being up to date on originals or copies took the sellers word at face value  (Big mistake!!).
When the items arrived still being uneducated, I thought Wow what great items I've just scored, and CHEAP as well.  (I found them looking through misspelled items).  Thought I was onto a real deal.  Haha.

After keeping them for awhile, I then listed them on ebay to resell.
Items sold quickly and at a reasonable price.  I was impressed.  Then the trouble started.  Buyers were getting back to me saying they were fake copies.  OhOh, What?  Fake?  Send it back. 
Yes, the buyers were correct.  As items returned I went and had them looked at by a leather dealer.  He said yep! Fakes.  All of them.
My leather dealing friend, knew a bit about LV items and he asked what I paid for them.  After telling him his words were (And they still ring in my ears today)
Louis Vuitton items sell for a couple of thousand dollars each when new.  If you paid $2,000 for a LV handbag and then decided you wanted to sell it.  Do you really think you would start your bidding below $100.00  Or for that matter even $500.00.  Of course you wouldn't, you would try to get back at least half of what you paid, wouldn't you.   Commonsense prevails he said.
After thanking him for his time, I trudged back home to begin refunding the buyers.  Unfortunately I had not kept the details of the original purchases, so suffered the losses myself.
All in all, I lost a lot of money, and earned a negative feedback.  That was my experience with so called Original LV items under $500.00.  Interestingly I suffered only one negativefeedback, and that was from a very irate (understandably) buyer who wouldn't return the item and wanted her money back.  The remainder I refunded ASAP.
What was even more annoyiong was another LV item I purchased as an original was that when it arrived. ( due to the rapid expansion of my expertise in Originals and Copies LOL).  I picked immediately that this item was a copy.  When I contacted the buyer re this matter, she said, well what do you expect.  Everyone is doing it.  Who would pay the price for original items on ebay??  After telling her I was from the old school and that I trusted people and took them at their word.  She refunded my money.
I hope this information helps you to avoid the same trap I fell into.
Have a great day  Cheers Brian
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