Louis Vuitton..Tips on buying real LV.

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Hi there! As an avid ebayer and a HUGE Louis Vuitton fan, I often find myself scrolling through listings of Louis Vuitton to find pieces that are clearly fake, descriptions that aren't quite right and information that isn't correct. Sometimes the buyer is honestly and blissfully unaware that the piece they are selling is fake OR the piece is clearly fake and being described as real. The information I am parting with is a GUIDE..some hints and tips on my experiences. Please do not be discouraged from buying LV on ebay. Many sellers are honest and I, myself, have purchased REAL and AUTHENTIC items on Ebay. So here are some things to be mindfull of:

Serial Numbers & Date Codes:

 A serial number or date code DOES NOT ensure authenticity!! I cannot stress this enough!! Date codes are usually stamped onto a leather tag somewhere on the inside of the bag. Some AUTHENTIC pieces, such as multicolour pieces, i.e. Speedy 30 and Eliza, DO NOT have codes that are easily visable!! They are usually stamped directly onto the alacantra somewhere hard to find. Dont think "oh it has a code. It must be real". If in doubt, call your local LV boutique. Additionally ensure a piece with a date code is in the correct position. It should be a challange to find the code (unless its an item like a Pouchette, where the date code is clearly and easily visible).You could be spending a little more in a boutique and buying real or spending a little more on another auction with another ebayer to be buying an authentic piece.

Linings in Bags:

 Many brown monogram (amber monogram) bags do not have alacantra (a suede like lining) in their bags, i.e. Pouchette, Papillion and Speedy 25. Mulitcolours do. A black multi will have a light grey lining and a white multi will have red (cherry like, not bright) lining. Smaller, less expensive pieces, such as a monogram Pouchette, should not be lined.



 Authentic LV receipts will have watermarks within the paper they use to print out receipts on. Receipts from AUS & Europe will have a LV watermarks and USA issued receipts will have the LV flower pattern watermarks. Purchases are linked from boutique to boutique world wide. If in doubt, call LV. Additionally, a real receipt will have the purchasers details, i.e. full name and address, on the receipt also along with the sales associate who sold the item. A receipt from AUS and France should be no bigger than 2/3rds of an A4 sheet of paper. If the receipt is A4 size, its fake! The paper should be a very pale shade of cream and all printing in dark brown (USA receipts are printed in black on cream paper and are smaller than AUS and French receipts). Additionally make sure the store address also exists!!

Place of Manufacture.

REAL Louis Vuitton is made in either: France, Spain (in the case of many older Epi pieces) or the USA. Just because it states 'Made in France', doesnt mean its authentic. And a piece marked 'Made in the USA' can be authentic. Many items purchased in the USA will be marked 'Made in the USA'.


This applies to Multicoloured pieces. A REAL multi will have 33 individual colours including blues, greens, yellow, orange, grey, pinks, purples, white and browns. If looking at a picture and one particular colour stands out too much, ie you only notice the blue symbols, its more than likely fake. Or if the print seems bright. Real multicolours look amazing as they are silk screen printed, but almost dull, esp on white multicoloured pieces and your eyes cant focus on one particular colour. Any more or less colours than 33 and its fake. In addition to colours, stitching should be thick yellow cotton on handles. Stitching along zips should be either brown (on amber bags) or black/white on multicolured bags. Also be weary of 'seals' on straps. As straps are real leather, the seal shouldnt be 'painted' on in a red/brown shade of paint.



LV does put their prices up yearly. If you are unsure as to the price of something, call a boutique. They will be more than happy to answer your questions! For example a real multi Speedy 30 retails for aprox $2700 now, but retailed for aprox  $2500 when first released. If the price is way way over inflated, the odds are the piece is fake and the seller is guessing as to the price.


 Louis Vuitton WILL NOT AND WILL NEVER give written authentication!! If a seller states they will only refund on authenticity problems with written authentication, move on. I cannot stress this enough. If a buyer takes in a piece to be authenticated, LV will autenticate the item VERBALLY. In the past, they did give written authentication. But as with time, fake pieces were getting better, and LV found people were coming in with fake pieces and real LV documentation. This measure has been implemented to prevent fraud. Additionally 'authentication' cards are never issued. Infact they dont exist!! And one last thing..LV will never sell a bag with plastic around handles or tissue paper on hardwear..thats the point of a dustbag.

Shapes & Prints:

 Be aware that some prints, ie Cherry, and shapes either dont exist in the first place OR are seasonal pieces and are no longer produced. Brand new Cherry pieces are RARE RARE RARE. Unless you are a collector and have been waiting for this moment to sell over the past few years to sell a 'collectors' piece, the 'brand new' Cherry Speedy you are looking to buy is probably FAKE!!! 


 I hope my few points help those wishing to get their foot into the LV club OR to that girl out there thinking of parting with months and months of savings from her partime job to buy her first piece of LV..Nothing beats the smell of feel of REAL LV. And nothing is as satisfying as REAL LV on your arm. For more information, check out the LV website! Thanks for reading my guide and I sincerely hope that  my guide was helpful!

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