Lumen and Lux

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When we buy LED light we often see a value called Lumen marked on package or label. But Lux is not so often seen. What are they and what is the difference?

Lumen is total brightness a light can output, traditionally is measured by equivalence of candles' light. Light with high lumen is brighter.

When will we need Lux? Lux is standard brightness per square meter. When we build tennis court or factory, it is requires certain Lux on ground. 

With the same light, when we put a narrower reflector, the spot on ground is smaller and brighter, when reflector is wider, the spot is bigger and but less bright. This is measured in Lux.

So, when talking about Lux, lumen, distance, and reflector degree are 3 main factors to decide it. Unfortunately, many light retailer just mess with them, their do provide datasheet, but data are ridiculous and wrong.

We suggest user testing lux with lux light meter before believing them.
Because most of sales can only read brochure.

To get high lux, lights source must be close to each other, this is also why good 200W LED High bay Light used expensive single 200W LED chip and cheap 200W LED high bay light put 4  50W LED chip under the hood.

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