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Ten years ago where we first started designing and manufacturing magnetic therapy underlays for people, we were constantly receiving phone calls from customers saying that since putting their magnetic underlay on their bed, their dog or cat just loved it and did not want to get off the bed all day. They would ask us why their animals would do this. We explained to them that dogs suffer arthritis pain too and the dog could feel that the magnetic underlay was making them feel better. So that is why they would stay on the bed.

We then started to design our first magnetic bed for dog pain relief. We now have Deluxe and Designer range of magnetic dog products comprising of magnetic dog beds, magnetic dog collars and bandana's, magnetic coats and magnetic blankets all for the purpose of reducing your dogs pain.

In ten years we have come a long way since then. We have placed magnets all over the top section of the bed so it does not matte where the dog likes to lay, they will be receiving the natural drug free healing of magnetic therapy

The magnetic designer doggie diva dog magnetic products come in all sizes, colours and materials. They are individually designed for your dog with comfort in mind as well therapeutic benefits. Do your doggie diva a favour, give them a magnetic therapy designer doggie diva dog product, so they can look as good as they feel.

Why does Magnetic Therapy assist with Dog Pain?

The reason why magnetic therapy for dogs is so effective, it helps to improve their lymphatic system.. In simple terms it helps to improve blood flow. When your dog lays still, their circulation will drop and in turn their ability to rid their body of harmful waste material declines. The end result is when they get up their joints are stiff and sore. So by sleeping on a magnetic pet bed or using a magnetic pet product, you improve their blood flow which may assist with reducing the dogs arthritis pain. The residual effect of sleeping on a magnetic dog bed or blanket of a night time may even flow into the day time.

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