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Registering with E-bay will be the best thing you can do to benefit yourself on-line. You can sell almost anything, and buy pretty much anything you want. And while doing so chat with the buyers and sellers from all over the room


When you want to buy on E-bay, there is great search engine that will locate your item/s for you. On the main-page there are two boxes, one says description and the other says category. In the description box, put in a word or two that will locate the item you are looking for, and in the category box i normally leave it on ALL CATEGORIES. The reason for this is sometimes people don't know where to list an item and it can end up anywhere, but if you search all categroies, you will find everything on E-bay under your description. For example, i wanted to search for items that have my favorite AFL football player Tony Lockett. So i put in LOCKETT in the description box and ALL CATEGORIES in the category box and it brought up 93 items, all exactly what i was looking for.Search page

But if you are just a surfer of E-bay and don't know what you are looking for ther are ready made categories that may interset you. Once you bring up a list of items, you can put the list in many different items orders. Cheapest items first, most expensive items first, items finishing soonest ( i like this one because i hate to wait too long for my item to get to me). And there is also a filter system which can work how you want it to. ON the side of the listed items page there are some options, items within a certaian distance of your postcode, items only listed with paypal (the best way to pay and get payed on e-bay), new items only and many more filtering options.listed items page

Once you find the item you are looking for you can click on it to see a picture and read the full description, find out where the items coming from and how much the postage will cost you. If you are happy with it place your bid remembering that if it is a wanted item or rare, then bid your highest maximum bid. The maximum bid means what would you be willing to pay for this item. Say you will only pay $10 then E-bay will only use the minimum to win that item. If only one more bid comes in at $6 them even though you bid $10, you will win it for $6.50. How cool is that? Then, once the item ends you will get an e-mail to remind you that the item has ended and if you are a winner. In the e-mail will be direct links to pay for the item or to contact the seller about the item.

If you wish to follow your activities on e-bay, there is a My E-bay link on the E-bay home page. Everything is protected with passwords and user id's. Very secure. On your My E-Bay page you can see how many items you have bin on, how many you have won or lost, and it has u multitude of info about your activities. Once you have gone through the process of buying an item, and yiou have received it, you can leave feedback for the seller. Tell them breifly how happy you are and rate them, Positive, Neutral or Negative. It is not wise to leave negative feedback but if you're not happy send them a message to try and resolve the issue. Positive feedback will earn you points and a rating. For example BRETT9207 *27 (100%). The points are how many different sellers or buyers have left positive feedback for you and the rating is a percentage of feedback, ie 100% means all positive.

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