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Anytime I look on ebay there never seems to be a shortage of Maradona signed shirts. We must be living in Argentina or Maradona must have a lot of friends in Australia. Or maybe all you buyers are extremely silly and buying total junk.

The real facts..........

1. Maradona is the best player in the history of football, he does not have unlimited time to sign items for people in Australia. Anyone who beleives they are buying real Maradona signatures from sellers who list Maradona signed shirts every week are dillusional. Doesn't worry you that you are buying items that are meant to be rare but get listed every week over and over again?

2. Maradona has a certain way of signing and beleive me it looks nothing like the pathetic signatures I see listed. Your desire to beleive is blinding you from the truth. Your total dependence and value given to COAs is costing you money. Common sense is the most valuable asset you can own. COA which are just pieces of printed paper can be printed at your local print shop. Common sense and knowledge cant be bought.

3. Fake signatures come with fake jerseys. Its so bad that not only do you get a fake signature but you also get a fake shirt. Costs must be kept down so sellers buy quality fakes from Asia and these are the shirts you get. They are high quality copies, they come with proper Adidas tags but Im sorry to tell you, they are fakes.

4. Ebay does not have the knowledge necessary to stop these sales from happening. They dont have the knowledge necessary to stop fake jerseys from being sold, they dont know enough about Maradona to say whats a real signature and whats not. I have the knowledge, the experience and the love for Maradona to know what Im talking about. I dont have the power to stop what is going on but I can write this guide and hope that someone will read it.

I hope this guide helps some of you and helps you save your money so you can buy real quality items. I dont want any of you to feel silly for buying fakes, in an ideal world it would be reasonable to beleive well scripted stories and fancy certificates. We can all learn from mistakes and this is your chance to learn.

The biggest mistake you can make now is to ignore my advice. This advice is free from someone who has been a Maradona fan for 25 years. If you ignore my advice then you deserve to waste your money on fake shirts from asia signed by people cashing in on your lack of knowledge.

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