MARCS Jacket Buying Guide

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In business since 1979, MARCS is one of Australia's most popular and well-known fashion labels. MARCS bases its designs on a minimalist, 'less is more' philosophy, carefully using simple, yet sophisticated design strategies along with fine fabrics and a unique, branded style. Because of this, buying MARCS jackets for women or men is more than a fashion statement: It is a lifestyle statement.

However, with an extensive line that goes back decades, getting oriented to the vast options in MARCS' jacket lines takes work. Buyers must become familiar with the company's unique sizing guidelines as well as the different styles and fashions that define the brand.

Sizing MARCS Jackets for Women and Men

Because it is a fashion label, the sizing for MARCS jackets must be precise and may not always conform to particular sizes in other, less expensive brands. Therefore, buyers should carefully consult the table below which reviews the guidelines that MARCS provides for both women's and men's jacket sizing.

Women's Size








77.5 cm

80 cm

85 cm

90 cm

95 cm

100 cm


57.5 cm

60 cm

65 cm

70 cm

75 cm

80 cm

Men's Size








91 cm

96 cm


106 cm

111 cm

116 cm


38 cm

40 cm


42 cm

43 cm

44 cm

The company itself, in reference to properly sizing its clothes, provided the figures in the table above. Nothing takes the place of actually trying on a MARCS jacket before purchasing it. However, using a tape measure to get exact measurements, at the bust and waist for women or chest and collar for men, is the best way to get a perfect fit when buying online, for example. For the best results, having another person take the measurement is ideal, because that person's angle is more accurate. Wearing the usual shirt or sweater of the same approximate thickness under the jacket is also helpful with sizing.

Styles of MARCS Jackets

While proper sizing is important to pinpoint when buying a MARCS jacket, the extensive line offered by this old and respected company also requires a bit of style consideration as well. Depending upon whether consumers want to buy a women's or men's jacket, there are several different options.

MARCS Jacket Styles for Women

Like all fashion, MARCS' women's jackets change each season and from year to year according to trend. However, understanding the basic options that MARCS offers each year helps when buying women's jackets. This includes formal, business-style options, as well as more casual, sporty choices.

Formal Women's Jackets

MARCS' line of womenswear includes several selections fit for office life and formal occasions. In its line of jackets, the MARCS Tux Jacket and MARCS Boyfriend Jacket fulfill these needs. Both jackets resemble more popular men's cuts, particularly the aptly named 'boyfriend'.

What sets MARCS' women's jackets apart from men's jackets is the tapering waistlines which emphasise the special dimensions of a woman's figure, particularly the waist. This cut, when paired with leggings or 'skinny' pants, silk blouses, and heels presents a sophisticated and uniquely feminine look that is perfect for the office or semi-formal occasions.

Casual Women's Jackets

MARCS' more casual line of jackets range from the classic leather bomber jacket that never goes out of style to those that feature tweed or floral prints which change each season. MARCS' more casual line emphasises quality in the same way as its formal options. This quality put into the craftsmanship makes MARCS' casual women's jackets excellent additions to semi-formal wardrobes as well. For example, it is possible to wear a leather jacket paired with a pencil skirt, button-up shirt, and classic heels from the office to a night on the town.

MARCS Jacket Styles for Men

Like women's jackets, MARCS' men's jackets range from formal to casual cuts and styles. However, the options are less diverse, since men's fashion tends to be less dynamic than women's fashion, particularly in terms of colour and patterns.

Formal Men's Jackets

MARCS' formal men's jackets focus on the minimalist, yet fashionable style that defines the MARCS label. Usually adopting the two-button jacket style emblematic of younger, more fashion-forward looks, MARCS' men's jackets do feature some different colours, such as crimson, or interesting fabrics, like moleskin. These formal options also include classic sports jacket looks along with more modern styles, like the Dynamic LL Jacket, which pairs best with tapered pants and dress shoes.

Casual Men's Jackets

Like MARCS' casual women's jackets, less formal men's jackets are available. These options usually feature a leather, 'motorcycle' or 'bomber' look that emphasises classic lines and style. The idea behind purchasing a MARCS casual men's jacket is to find a forever look that pairs equally well with jeans and dress pants. More expensive than the formal options in the MARCS line, casual leather jackets are an investment in style and sophistication.

How to Buy a MARCS Jacket on eBay

Buying MARCS jackets on eBay allows buyers the ability to save money and time because of the website's massive selection and great convenience. For example, buyers can look for used MARCS jackets, available at a discount, and take advantage of throwback looks. In addition, daily deals offered by eBay save additional money each day.

MARCS' line of high-fashion clothing offers Australians a wonderful variety of home-grown style and excellent options focused on simple concepts and good quality. Using top-notch fabrics and focused on a 'less is more' mentality, MARCS jackets for both men and women are available in different styles perfect for several occasions.

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