MASTER CRYSTALS and their metaphysical Properties.

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Master Crystals are recognised by their unique shapes or qualities. Master crystals are said to be teachers that possess the ability to bring messages of enlightenment to those who attune to them.

Barnacle – These occur when small quartz crystals are attached to the sides or face of a large quartz crystal. Ideal for promoting group or family cooperation. Can also be used to gain insight when meditating on a group or family problem. It is also said they make a great companion after losing a loved one.

Bridge – Also known as a penetrator or Inner Child Crystal. A bridge is a smaller crystal that penetrates a larger crystal.  It serves as a bridge between the worlds and provides access to the inner realms. It also facilitates bridging between the self and others. A great crystal for spiritual teachers to help connect with their students.

Cathedral - (Also known as Lightbraries or Light Libraries) Cathedrals appear as if they're made up of many parts when they are in fact one single crystal. These crystals are said to vibrate with with frequency of the universal mind. It is said that Cathedrals are destined to attract and record the thought forms that are in alignment with the supreme intelligence or mind of god and then convert it into a language that man can understand.

Channeling Crystals - These Master crystals have a large 7 sided face at the front opposite a perfect triangle. Channeling crystals are used to connect with our souls true self and channel and express our inner wisdom and truth.

Clear Quartz – This stone is considered the most powerful healing stone. It has the ability to receive, activate, transmit, store and amplify energy. A great meditation stone, it activates all levels of consciousness. It is also useful for clearing and activating the energy centres of the body.

 Devic Temples - Devas are said to be inner plane spirits that reside within the crystal. Crystals with multiple fractures, inclusions, rainbows and wispy fairy frost are known as devic temples, these are the perfect contact point for Devas to communicate with us. Devas are there to guide us on our spiritual path. Often a Devic temple will appear to have a figure inside it or some sort of inner landscape or image of a temple.  They may also have interesting etchings and marking on the body or face.

Dolphin Crystal – A crystal with another crystal attached that appears to be riding alongside it. Also known as a Mother Crystal or a Teacher Crystal. Promotes protection.

Double Terminated Quartz – These stones have a point or termination at both ends. As they can emit and receive energy from both ends they’re especially useful for sharing and exchanging energy. They are very useful when used in healing. They promote alignment and balance. They are excellent for directing energy between the chakras. They are also used to amplify the energy of other crystals. One of the best known double terminated Quartz Crystals are "Herkimer Diamonds" from Herkimer County in New York. 

Dow  - Recognised by the 6 faces alternating between triangles and seven sided facets. This crystal can be used to express the deepest inner truth. These crystals combine the qualities of channeling and transmitter crystals. 

Fairy Frost – Fairy frost is created by inclusions of water, air or gas within the crystal. The presence of fairy frost indicates that the crystal is a devic temple.

Foils – Foils are flashes within the crystal that are created by internal fractures. 

Future Time Link - A crystal with a small parallelogram face leaning towards the right. It is believed to be a window to the future that enables us to access information from our future selves.

Generator  – A 6 sided crystal with evenly spaced sides and equally sized faces that meet at a single point known as the generator point. These crystals are considered the ultimate generators of power and are very useful as meditation and channelling crystals.

Golden healer – A Quartz Crystal that contain inclusions of the golden yellow mineral Iron Oxide. A powerful healing stone for all healing situations.

Inclusions – Simply the inclusion of other minerals within the crystal.

Isis  – An Isis face is 5 sided and symmetrical. These crystals contain a powerful Goddess energy and are useful for working with feminine energies. 

Key – Also known as a doorway or gateway. A key is a 3 or 6 sided indentation on the side of a crystal where another crystal was once attached. A key can provide access to information that is normally hidden. Very useful for problem solving, unlocking blocks in the unconscious, and opening the doors to healing. 

Past Time Link – A crystal with a small parallelogram face leaning towards the left. It is believed to be a window to the past.

Rainbows – Light being refracted by the prismatic effect of a crack or inclusion can create beautiful rainbows within a crystal. Crystals that contain rainbows promote happiness, can ease sadness and depression and help overcome negativity.

Record Keepers - Recognised by small etched or raised perfect triangles on the outer surface of a quartz crystal. 

 Once considered rare these record keepers are becoming more and more common. Some say the time is right for these crystals to share the information they hold.

 Like the name suggests Record Keepers allow us access to information from the past.

 A sunken record keeper triangle is said to give us access to information about anyone or anything while the more common raised triangle allows us to access personal past information.

 You can access the information contained within the crystal by meditating with it. After entering a meditative state you can hold the crystal in your receptive hand or place the face with the triangle on your third eye chakra or any other chakra that you feel will be open to receiving the information. Just relax and become aware of the messages being given to you.

Single Terminated/ Crystal point – A crystal with one termination. Useful for directing energy.

Tabular / Tabby – These crystals are recognisable as having two opposite sides that are much wider than the other sides. They have a flattened appearance. It is said that these crystals act as a bridge between the heart and mind and also between the adult self and the child self. A powerful communication tool that facilitates the understanding of ideas and concepts and helps with the expression of ideas. They are also useful in balancing the energies between two people.

Transmitter  - These crystals have a perfect triangle in the center that is connected by 2 symmetrical seven sided faces on both sides of the triangle. 

These crystals can help us find answers to our questions by transmitting out thoughts out into the universe in order to receive a response. 

Twin – A twin crystal is two crystals that have grown together and are attached side by side to a common base. They promote communication and togetherness. Also called a soul mate crystal they help us find our soul mate. An excellent crystal for working on relationships.

Window – Windows are a diamond shaped face between two larger faces. They serve as a window to the soul. Useful for gaining clarity and direction.

Yin Yang  -   These crystals are half clear and half cloudy. Clear quartz is said to represent the yang, the masculine energy of power, force, strength and creativity. While  cloudy crystal represents the yang or the feminine qualities of love, communication and receptivity. A Yin Yang crystal is said to promote the balance of masculine and feminine energies on both mental and physical levels.

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