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1. Try the clothing on- All of it !!


Try on every single piece of clothing you have, stand in front of the mirror and honestly say yes or no..if you dont love it..chuck it, if you walk into or open your wardrobe every day and not everything fits you perfectly,  then MAKE THE Vinnie's, Salvos, donation or BIN pile !! NUMBER ONE reason i hear for not cleaning it out is that, "i am trying to loose weight so it will fit one day!!" by the time this happens, you wont want your old clothing, you will have a fantastic new body to dress, my suggestion, chuck it, save up whilst on your weight loss, when you are done and you are at your goal weight go shopping!! :) Your wardrobe should be organised and you should no where everything is. This will help with the "what the hell do i wear TODAY!!"





I am sure everyone out there has a "FAVOURITE" pair of Jeans or top that is so worn out and outdated and you have not fit into or worn in a year, but you just cannot get rid of it.. just do it!! Its empowering, if you are that attached, make a cushion out if it ...just get it out of you wardrobe!! Another comment i hear from almost every client whilst doing a consult, if you chuck those out i will have nothing to wear.. this may be true but i know 90% of the wardrobe just sits there filling up space and is never actually worn anyway,  quality over quantity, just because you have 15 pairs of jeans, doesn't mean you wear them all..


3- Make a list of items you need to buy!!


Ok so we have thrown out a huge section of your wardrobe, look down at the pile, when is the last time you actually wore most of it?? So what you need to do now is the list,  I bet you it wont be as much as you thought, so its winter.. you chucked out that jacket that you have had for 4 years and is pretty much your security blanket, so go out and invest in a classic timeless winter coat.. You can wear with Jeans, dresses, pants, skirts ANYTHING!!


Also basics Cami's, leggings/opaques, a Fantastic pair of jeans.. dont need to spend $500 but find a quality jean that fits like it was made for you, and a nice pair of dress pants, dont need to be black, any colour.. now you concentrate on the outfits you have made with the pieces you will be buying with the pieces currently in your new cleaned out wardrobe!!


5. Put the Items you Love back in and sit back and admire..


So you have a wardrobe of pieces that make you feel happy, confident, sexy,smart sophisticated.. this is what a wardrobe should do, this is your style. Now save your money to buy even one key piece each season, in gorgeous colours, cuts, fabrics!! You dont need to be a millionaire to be happy with your wardrobe each season!!



Here is a list of items that i LOVE this season!!

If you are looking for something in particular, say a good work pant or suit.. or pair of jeans.. i am shopping constantly whether for myself or for clients so i am in and out of stores, boutiques and shopping centres, i no a massive list of designer and chain store brands.. just email me with what you are looking for and how much you want to spend and i will help compile a list of brands and items to look for on ebay :)


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