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It could be nicely mounted with a glass front, detailed gold frame.....Not.
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'Enjoy your stay......'

My other half and I were recently again in the sheltered care of 'The Motel'; that convenient half way point somewhere between home and somewhere else. We pack the car, take the long drive and after about 5 hours are getting a bit beyond the on-road part and just want to plant down for the night.
Arriving at our home away from home, relief sets in and almost a new touch of energy emerges to get our gear together and turn up with a half smile to check-in.
Ned Kelly greets us on the other side. No kidding. Flat, parted to the side hair that has a disturbing shimmer about it accompanys a long chest length red auburn beard. ( We all thought he was seen to by the authorities back in the 1800's right? Well, somehow he's been miracuously preserved. ) He receives my admiring stare though its definately not for liking the beard with its scratchy, years of being tolerated, oh I want to just nestle in it sort of look.  I then realise the stare must be too obvious so I turn to his assistant who without a moments delay begins attending to us intead. What the??
'Ned' is not at all worried. He turns back to his constant friend the computer and is totally signed off again like our presence had never been.
I felt like reminding him that it was he, in fact, that should not have been.
The other thing that I thought would well and truly have perished years ago was the ever present display of appalling art prints, both framed and mounted mind you in motel rooms.
These 'space fillers' offer nothing to the reflective eye whatsoever. In fact they are outrightly depressing. One looks, One looks away. There is apsolutely nothing, zilch, in that moment of recognition between the lodger and the art print.
If the reader here is wondering what exactly is being referred to then they must become more observant when handing over dollars to stay in the away from home lodgements that usually offer goodies like bickies if you are lucky, along with little sachets of instant coffee and tea. There will be an electric jug to fill up water from out of the bathroom and white towels that are folded sometimes on the end of the bed.
The towels will also be nicely placed on top of a very ugly coverlet to turn anybody off even thinking about flogging the manchester. You will be glad for being warm however while sleeping so just think practical. If you find you are already depressed by the art on the walls then the theme has just continued.
The long preserved question here is, 'Why do these awful prints used for apparant decorative purposes continue to plague the walls of Motels and disrupt the otherwise loving eye with a hard stick?' They are found in mostly creams, browns, blues and blacks with a bit of mustard yellow.
They are there to make a quiet but firm statement:
'Remember Check Out is at 10.00am!
You will not be totally rested, just exhausted when you go to sleep.
In the morning I will be the first thing you see because I am ugly and I live here.
has selected me.
Now get out'.
So bizarre. We get home and oh, how our own artworks are a comfort! My husband asks me if he should grow a beard.

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This in a frame? Um.....
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