MP3 Cradle and Charger Buying Guide

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MP3 Cradle and Charger Buying Guide

MP3’s are the easiest way to carry thousands of songs and albums that fit in the palm of the hand. Many MP3 players will require batteries but some of the more expensive models with higher quality sound, larger memory and longer battery life will require a charger or cradle to make sure you can listen to music on the go without being interrupted. T

here are many ways to charge an MP3 player at home or on the move, so this guide will outline the considerations that need to be made, the types of chargers and cradles available and how to buy the MP3 players, chargers and cradles on eBay. All of the items outlined below can easily be bid on or bought in the Electronics category on eBay.

What to Consider when Buying an MP3 Cradle or Charger on eBay

When looking for a charger there a few important points to think about before choosing the right one for the MP3 player, which enable you to listen to your tunes for hours. These factors to consider are:

Where will the MP3 player be charged?

Most people will charge their MP3 players at home, but sometimes that is not possible and an alternative is needed to ensure the person using the devices is not bored and can listen to the songs all day. A number of home and travel chargers are available on eBay.

How often will the MP3 player need to be charged?

Some MP3 players will need charging more often as they have more memory or require more power to play on loudspeaker or just generally have better sound quality. Be sure to make sure the battery life of the MP3 player is known before searching to help the decision.

What type of MP3 Charger is needed?

If travelling a lot and using the MP3 player continuously, a travel friendly, portable charger may be the best option. If you normally have enough time to play music and get home, a home charger may be sufficient.

Do you want to play music while charging?

If you wish to listen to music out loud while the player is charging, you may want to invest in either a docking station with built in speakers or an alarm clock dock which can play your music and charge your MP3 player simultaneously.

What type of connection does the MP3 Player support?

Different brands and types will have different connectivity’s such as USB, mains adaptation or through an AUX lead. This will depend on the MP3 player and this will definitely need to be known before searching for a charger or cradle.

With all of these factors taken into consideration, it is now time to take a look at the different types of chargers and cradles available in the Electronics section on eBay.

Types of MP3 Cradles and Chargers on eBay

In-Car Charger

In-Car Chargers can either be plugged into the cigarette lighter on the dashboard. Many MP3 players will have a USB connector and can charge through that. Most Apple products will charge via USB and can be done using the USB connectivity in the car.

Wall Chargers

These are the standard chargers that will fit into any plug socket and charge the MP3 player. These chargers will generally give the music player the best charge as they are normally left for a fair amount of time.

USB Chargers

USB Chargers are great in this modern day and age as they can be used in a large number of places. They can be plugged into laptops, computers, Car dashboards, Wall adaptors and even some portable charging units.

MP3 Alarm Clock Cradles

MP3 Alarm Clock Cradles allow you to charge the MP3 player next to the bed. When the alarm is set off in the morning, the in-built speakers will blast out pre-set tunes or just a random song from all playlists so you can wake up to your favourite songs. These can be fairly bulky and require a mains outlet so aren’t suitable for travel use but are perfect for the home.

MP3 Speaker Docks

MP3 Speaker Docks are great for hearing your songs at their peak quality. The speakers in these docks can be very good and can easily be used to play music for small parties in the home. They will charge the player slower when playing songs but still charge the music players fairly effectively. Different docks will have different connectivity ports such as pin ports for iPods and USB ports for many other brands.

Portable Charging Units

Portable Charging Units are fantastic for all different types of multi-media devices such as mobile phones and tablets as well as MP3 players. They will often hold up to four full chargers for smaller devices and are perfect for long journeys or charging multiple devices at once via USB cable.

All of these MP3 player chargers and cradles are available now on the eBay website.

How to Buy MP3 Cradles and Chargers on eBay

There is a large range of MP3 chargers and cradles available on eBay. By typing in a search query like ‘iPod speaker dock’ into the search bar at the top of any eBay page, lots of speaker docks will appear which can be purchased by either:

· Bidding- As you would at an auction, customers can bid for cradles and chargers with their best offer. Customers can increase their offers at any point until the auction time finishes. The customer with the highest bid would have then won the item.

· ‘Buy it Now’- If bidding is too much hassle and you have found the pink wardrobe you want at a great price, use the ‘Buy It Now’ to instantly buy the item.

These listings can be narrowed down by using the advanced search option in which all results can be filtered by “All of these words," "Any of these words," or "Exact phrase." Also search in “All Categories” to open up the search even further.

When buying chargers or cradles from eBay, be sure to thoroughly check the product listing, research the seller and store that you are buying the item from and always pay through the official eBay channels.

Look out for the latest deals on MP3 Chargers or cradles by checking in the ‘Electronics’ section. Some fantastic discounts are to be found, along with free postage costs.


Finding the right charger or cradle for an MP3 player or multimedia device is easy after you have considered the points in this guide. The main factors to consider are how often the device needs to be charged, how it needs to be charged and what type of connection/type of MP3 cradle or charger you want.

Many brands of MP3 players are available and all have different ways to connect to cradles and chargers, so it is important to keep this in mind. Many of them will have a standard USB connection while others will have a pin connection like the iPod does. Prices can vary from standard chargers to music-playing ‘boom boxes’ that allow access to songs while charging the device. All of the items discussed in this guide are readily available in the Electronics section on eBay.

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