MP3 MP4 Player Choose Choosing Shopping Buying Guide

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MP3 MP4 Players Buying Guide - Solaluna88

Getting Started

Plan to buy MP3 MP4 Players? This buying guide will help you to buy the right model.

MP3 and MP4 players give you an easy way to take your music and videos with you. Transfer your musics and videos from your PC to the player and you can enjoy them everywhere.

MP3 MP4 players are evolving quickly and some work will need to be done before choosing a player that fit you the best.

Start with a clearly defined budget as always and then what will you use the player for. If you just want to listen a few tunes whilst jogging or travel to work, a smaller memory flash player will do the job. But if you can't leave your player behind, you will need a player with larger memory or hard drive player that allow you to store thousands of songs.

What You Need

A PC with a USB port and the right MP3 MP4 player. You will need a USB cable (or the player may have a USB port itself) to transfer files between them. Most MP3 MP4 files can be downloaded legally, but it is a breach of copyright to download songs and videos that have been copied illegally and made available on internet through file sharing. You can rip the songs from Audio CD and convert videos from VCD DVD into your player.

MP3 or MP4 Player?

Generally MP3 players allow you to enjoy music. MP4 players do everyhing that MP3 players do but in addition, they have built-in LCD screens and play video files so you can enjoy movies, music videos, tv shows.

Support Audio/Support Video
MP3 Players: Yes/No
MP4 Players: Yes/Yes

MP3 Players

MP3 file is one of a number of different music files that are available, some players also support WMA, WAV, etc, depend on each player's compatibility. The players usually come with software that can convert different audio format to those the players supported.

MP4 Players

MP4 players use the versatile Mpeg-4 files for video and audio. AVI and AMV are common supported video format. Again, players usually come with a disc which provide program to convert different video formats into what the MP4 players support.

Choose a Capacity that Suits You

MP3 MP4 players' storage capacity is usally described by gigabyte GB or megabyte MB. 1MB equals about one minute of CD-quality MP3 music.

Most common capacity sizes of MP3 MP4 Flash-based players are 1GB 2GB 4GB.

For Audio, 1GB = 1000MB, a song normally around 4MB size, 1GBP players can hold roughly around 250 songs, 2GB 500 songs, and 4GB 1000 songs. Even if you think that is not enough, there are some players with memory card slot to extend the memory capacity.

For Video, since video file size is much larger than music, larger capacity of MP4 player is preferred. The file size of a video file can be quite varied, it depends on the format of the original video file type, quality, resolution, duration and the format that the players support. With 1GB capacity, you may use up all the space when you put just one movie with a good quality. You may able to put a few movies if you lower the quality of them.

Buying cheap MP3 and MP4 player

The best place to source and buy MP3 and MP4 players on the cheap is not on the street or popular online stores, but us that supply you directly from factories. This way you can eliminate the cost that resellers making profits on you. You can even be a reseller and star to make profit.

Other Features of MP3 MP4 Players

- FM radio
- Store and view digital photos
- Voice recording
- Playing games
- Store data files


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