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This is not so much a buying guide but a review of one of the cheap iPod Nano "MP4" copies .

You see quite a lot of them on ebay these days.The price looks good so the question is -are they worth it?

I bought one several months ago from a hong kong seller .Just briefly here are the good and bad points i found ;

Good stuff-

It can play many formats,not just mp3 and wma. It can be used as a memory stick,video player (of sorts-see below) ,even as a voice recorder(again see below).The available colours are very cool too. The colour screen looks great.

Er,that's about all the good points i can think of.....

Bad stuff-

Appallingly,incredibly slow postage.Mine took 31 days :-(:-(:-(  . This might not at first sound like it's relevant to the review but,as these items all come from Hong Kong and in my experience postage from there to australia ALLWAYS takes ages,  it's very relevant. 

**** If you've read this guide before you may remember i mentioned a fault with the audio plug.Eventually i got mine working right but it's still abit dodgy.It's simply not a reliable design....

The 'english' instuctions are completely unreadable.Think i'm exadurating?Out of several thousand words i could (sort of) understand only  three sentences.

Other smaller issues - The player body was abit scratched form new.The screen was permenantly slightly fogged .It can only be charged on the computer,and only runs for about an hour at best.I haven't yet found a video format that will play on it ( it comes with some kind of software for converting but it's all in chinese) .The navigation method is very VERY crudely designed .The sound recorder quality is pretty much useless.When playing normal mp3's there is a kind of subtle echo thing happening-i thought mp3 was immune to that sort of thing?Also when changing songs it makes all kinds of tiny noises.IS THIS THING REALLY A FLASH MEMORY DEVICE OR A MINI HARD DRIVE???
Perhaps this explains why it takes ages to boot up?
The earplugs are not very good at all (low sound quality).There are other small issues as well but i just can't remember them all.......

As you can guess i'm rather sorry i bought one .Now that the audio plug is working it's ok'ish,but even then i regret having to wait over a month when similar cheap players can be bought over the counter in local shops!

Here are some other ebay articles about these kinds of players- (how to recognize the fakes)  (general buying advice for this item)

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