MP5 4.3 inch touchscreen player

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Bought for $26 USD. Listed as unbranded, generic. Colour chosen: BLACK.

Player arrived in about 20 days in a brown plain bubble envelope. Inside, wrapped in bubble wrap were the player, a usb wall charger with AU adapter, headphones, USB cable, headphones and simple user guide.

Here's the BIG problem. Instead of being a PLAIN, generic MP5 player it is COVERED IN FAKE SONY LOGO'S. SONY at the bottom of the screen, VAIO logo on the rear. Start up screen reads "WALKMAN - SONY". So, instead of a plain generic player you receive a COUNTERFEIT FAKE RIP OFF. Worthless and probably illegal to own. The seller thinks it "add's value"?? What kind of person thinks that way? You see what I mean...

The player itself plays video smoothly and functions work as they should. HOWEVER, DO NOT TRY AND USE HEADPHONES. The EMI interference noise is TERRIBLE and every screen action is heard LOUDLY through the headphones. Really poor quality design and the use of cheap parts mean there is little or no shielding to the headphone jack so the buzz and hum comes through LOUDLY.

Conclusion: DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. DO NOT promote sellers that sell counterfeit phoney rip off garbage that only "looks" like an MP5 player.

It's basically an expensive coaster or something to give an 8 year old. AVOID like the plague!
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