MSI WIND U180 Netbook

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I actually won one of these at my workplace and I found it to be extremely useful, its obvious that it isn't a top of the range netbook but for someone on a budget it does what you need! Its extremely light at 1kg and slimmer then 1". My first thought when using this netbook was how good it would be for a person not to concerned about games or watching movies ect. Someone that just wanted to check emails, type up word documents ect, its a simple laptop used for simple actions. One nice feature is the long battery life, obviously a small laptop doesn't need much to power it, so I haven had an battery issues just yet.

The only thing that I was disappointing in was the missing CD ROM , I guess this was thrown aside to keep it slim and cheap. All in all I was pretty happy with it, I wouldn't  buy it given the chance because it doesn't suit what I like to do, I like to watch movies and play games and without a CD ROM it makes that a little bit harder to do the hardrive is extremely small as well  at a measly 250gb this could get filled pretty fast ! But all in all, its a good computer if what your looking for is a very basic cheap computer, the battery life is relatively  good, you get included windows 7 and the netbook is reasonably fast if you were using it for what its made to do, basic tasks.
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