MaClaren Stroller Buying Guide

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MaClaren Stroller Buying Guide

A stroller, also known as a buggy, is one of the most important accessories parents can buy for their babies. It gives parents the freedom to transport children in comfort and ease. Maclaren is a respected and trusted UK brand that offers a wide range of strollers and other baby essentials. Maclaren makes strollers suitable for newborns, toddlers, or twins in a wide variety of styles. Maclaren strollers offer many features, so understanding the importance of each feature can help parents choose the right buggy for their child. Maclaren buggies are available at baby stores and online retailers.

Choosing a Stroller

Choosing a stroller depends on many factors, such as terrain and travelling distance. Users should decide what kind of shade and accessories they need, and whether or not they want a buggy suitable for a newborn.


Parents who anticipate strolling with their baby on rough roads should consider a stroller with suspension, sturdy wheels, and good traction. These are all features of jogging strollers. For crowded city streets, parents need strollers they can manoeuvre in and out of crowds. Any stroller is suitable for flat neighbourhood streets.

Moving the Stroller

Parents who must climb a staircase or load and unload a stroller frequently should consider a lightweight stroller. It should be easy to fold and unfold. Strollers with handles are easier to carry up stairs.

Included Shade and Accessories

Parents should decide which accessories they require for their baby's stroller. Some strollers include many features, and this type may be more economical than buying each accessory separately. Parents must also ensure that the included shade provides adequate protection from the sun.

A Comparison of Maclaren Strollers

The original Maclaren buggy, the B-01, introduced aluminium frames, durable fabric, a one-hand fold, and above-industry-standard safety features to baby strollers. All modern Maclaren strollers follow this precedent. They also feature a range of modern advancements that make it easy for parents to use their stroller. The table below lists many, but not all, of these features. Parents can check the official Maclaren website for more details on each model.

Type of Stroller

Models Available


Lightweight stroller

Volo , Globetrotter, and Triumph

Light in weight (as low as four kg)

One or multiple seat positions

Five point harness

Waterproof hood

May not feature suspension

Ergonomic handles

Foot operated brakes

Shopping basket

Fits through standard doorway

One-hand fold

Suitable for babies six months and up

Full-featured stroller

Quest , Techno XT, and Techno XLR

Heavier strollers (start from 6.4 kg)

Four seat positions

Adjustable leg rests

Height adjustable handles (except Quest models)

Front and rear suspension (except Quest models)

Five point harness

One-hand fold

Ergonomic handles

Foot operated brakes

Fits through standard doorway

Can be used from birth

Twin strollers

Twin Triumph , and Twin Techno

Two seats

Suitable from six months or for newborns (depends on model)

Minimum of four seat positions

Five point harness

Ergonomic handles

Foot operated brakes

Fits through standard doorway

In addition to the models listed above, Maclaren also offers designer strollers, and "Premium Stroller StyleSets", which feature exclusive designs and extra accessories. These packages are more expensive than are other Maclaren strollers, but they do not require parents to spend extra on stroller accessories.

Features of Maclaren Strollers

Maclaren strollers offer many features. While many are now standard safety features, some are designed to increase parents' comfort during use. The list below explains some of the features available on many Maclaren strollers.

Tether Strap

The law requires all prams and strollers have straps to tether the operator to the stroller, to reduce the risk of the stroller rolling away on its own. Tethers are usually quite short, to eliminate the risk of the baby strangling.

One-Hand Fold

Maclaren strollers fold easily. The design allows parents to manage this task with the use of only one free hand. The manufacturer also claims that users can fold and stow the stroller in five seconds.

Adjustable Leg Rest

Parents can raise an adjustable leg rest to keep baby's legs from dangling in the air. This is not a safety requirement, but some parents (and babies) prefer it.

Height Adjustable Handles

Height adjustable handles are an important feature for tall parents, or for parents of very different heights. Users can raise or lower the handles to push the stroller without stooping or holding their hands at an awkward angle.

Reclining Seat

Babies under six months of age require reclining seats, since they are not old enough to support their bodies yet. Reclining seats are also an excellent feature for older babies, allowing them to sleep in a flat position instead of sitting up.

Stroller Safety Considerations

In 2009, Maclaren USA issued a recall of all strollers sold between 1999 and 2009. The strollers use an older side hinge design that can trap fingers when opening and closing the stroller. Maclaren strollers made from 2010 onwards feature an enclosed hinge design that eliminates this risk. Owners of older Maclaren buggies can ask the company for complimentary hinge covers for use with the older hinge design.

How to Buy Maclaren Strollers on eBay

Buying a stroller is one of the most important investments parents make for their babies. There are many different types of strollers available, each with many different features. Maclaren is a respected manufacturer of strollers and offers a wide range of strollers suitable for different needs. Parents looking for Maclaren strollers online can find them easily on eBay by using the search bar to quickly locate a specific item. For example, a search for "Maclaren Volo" lists all the Maclaren Volo lightweight strollers available on eBay. Buyers should ask sellers any questions they may have before committing to a purchase. They can also browse eBay for regular deals on baby accessories.

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