Macrosystems video editors Kron Avio Prestige

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I love my Casablancas! I have three of them.

One unit I have is a DV Avio that cost $4775. when I bought it new in 2001.
I have put $2500.00. of software and OS upgrades on it. What is it worth?
I honestly believe less AUD$500.00. I say this because there are so many excellent video editing software options that are reasonably priced. You already have a more  than powerful enough computer so adding $200 of software is a lot cheaper than a second hand super slow antique machine.

Anyway, I've had great results with mine but even with the new range of Intel CPU powered units being released early 2008 starting at $6500.00. I think the amateur would be better off putting Sony Vegas on their computer and using it.

Never buy a machine from another country!  There is a licence agreement between Macrosystems and National Dealers. They will not support i.e. sell software for machines bought cheaply, or dearly, overseas.

I am certainly not here to dissuade you from buying a Casablanca, however, if you are in the market for an editing unit know what you are getting into!

Whether you are buying or selling a Casablanca, regardless of what model, use the below formula for arriving at a fair price for the machine.

The formula:
  1. Total the 'paid for software' (Not the free stuff that comes with the machine.)
  2. Divide the total by 4.
  3. Then deduct $100 for each year since it was manufactured.

This is a rough guide only. It comes down to what you are willing to pay.
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