Magickal Powders. What are they? How to purchase one?

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Magickal Powders

Whether used in conjunction with spell-craft or on their own the sprinkling of magickal powders is an effective way of achieving your magickal goals. There are many uses for powders from cleansing, banishing, blessing and protection, to their most common uses of attraction in areas of health, wealth and love.

The majority of powders are made from a base of talc scented with essential oils.  However the more potent varieties will be made from a base powder with the intent of the final outcome in mind.  For example an attraction powder should be made from a base of confectioners sugar or powdered sugar, a protection powder from a base of rock salt, a cleansing powder from a base of sea salt and so on.
Added to the base is the herb mixture chosen for the intended outcome, wherever possible the herbs should be harvested at the appropriate moon phase with intent in mind.  All ingredients must be finely powdered so as not to leave any larges pieces of herbs in the mixture.

How to choose?
When choosing to purchase a magical powder, formula or even tool you must first be clear of your intent and focused on your final goal. If you are unable to make your own powders then ask as many questions as you can to find out, what, where and how the powder is made.  After all this may affect the final outcome of your workings.



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