Magnetic Therapy Does it Work

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Does Magnetic Therapy Works ? With a combined Experience of over 40 years We would have to say YES.

My wife Jannese and I have a combined experience in manufacturing and selling magnetic products for over 40 years. We have read all the books and done the courses but it is the experience of personally dealing with thousands upon thousands of customers that has give us the wealth of experience that we can now pass on to you today. We are proud to have Australia made and owned Magnetic Therapy Products.

Although Magnetic Therapy believers and skeptics may be poles apart (sorry). They are alive to argue the matter solely because all human functions by the the same invisible life force the ancients instinctively knew. The Chinese call it Qi, to the Japanese chi, and in Sanskit its prana. This flow of invisible force energy, circulating through the body in an orderly fashion through pathways called meridians, guides the science of acupuncture officially accepted in the west. The ancient practice of yoga. is based on energy centers called chakras at sites p the spinal column to the top of the head. It is believed that illness occurred when the flow or communication, through these pathways was blocked and/or the supply of energy became deficient.

At the end of the day it is well known that strong medicines of the modern age have their reactions and sometimes fatal consequences. Magnetic Therapy is the only system of treatment based on natural laws and principles which do not show harmful side effects.

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