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With up to 350 health magnets in our Double Magnetic Underlay. We have more magnets than most other underlays on the market. These health magnets are also of  1200 Gauss Strength which also make them on the top end of therapeutic benefit when it comes to magnetic health and pain relief
Why Choose Magnetic Therapy?
  •  Magnetic Therapy is a Drug Free Natural Therapy.
  • It works.

Dr Ron Lawrence MD PhD, President of the North American Academy of Magnetic Therapy reports that the magnetic fields produced by magnets dramatically increase blood flow in the body to transport oxygen in and waste products such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid out of fatigued and affected areas of the body.

Dr Lawrence reported his greatest use of magnets in the treatment of age related and degenerative joint pain such as osteo and arthritic pain.

Consult your own GP for confirmation of the benefits of magnetic therapy.

The reason why magnetic therapy is so effective, it helps to improve your lymphatic system. In simple terms it helps to improve blood flow. When you go to bed at night time your circulation drops. Because when we lay still our circulation slows down and in turn our ability to rid our body of harmful waste material declines. The end result is that we wake up stiff and sore in the morning. If you have a chronic condition you may even wake up in the middle of the night in pain.  So by sleeping on a deluxe magnetic underlay you may in turn improve your blood flow which may assist with reducing your aches and pains. The residual effect of sleeping on the underlay in the night time may even flow into the day time.

Have a look at our Magnetic Double Underlay Listing

Why Dont You Read More About My Magnetic Underlay and Support Range

Who is magnetic experience and why choose us?

Good Morning, my name is Cameron. My wife Jannese and I are the manufacturers of the deluxe magnetic underlay. You are obviously looking to magnetic therapy as a pain relief solution. Over the last ten years we have seen many other magnetic underlay’s enter the Australian market place. Many customers come to me confused with such variety and don’t know which to choose.  We are very proud of the truly Australian products that we now present to you. The information and videos that I provide you with will hopefully illustrate our knowledge in this area. I have listed below some of my major points of difference that makes us a leading Australian choice in quality magnetic therapy products.

After I initially attained the concepts of magnetic therapy, my last ten years have given me the life experiences of dealing with thousands upon thousands of clients in the market place. This combination of life experiences and practical knowledge has allowed me to offer an expertise that I can now pass onto you the customer.


Remember making the right choice may mean the difference between pain relief and disappointment.

 Here are Seven Little Known Secrets when doing a Magnetic Underlay Comparison

We have more Magnets and the Highest rated Underlay Magnets than most companies on the Australian Market

Our Australian made Deluxe Magnetic Queen Bed Underlay lives up to its name sake. Our Deluxe Underlay incorporates powerful 1200 gauss north facing magnets which have been strategically placed from top to bottom to give maximum results. 1200 gauss is the highest rated underlay magnet I have seen used in the Australian market.

Do you want a Magnetic Experience Underlay that will provide you with Maximum Therapeutic Results?

 "Our message to you is to ensure that you choose an underlay that has the magnets as close to the body as possible but still be the most comfortable sleep you had in years"

The Closer the magnet to the body the greater therapeutic result:

The Deluxe Underlay is placed under the sheet in your bed with the magnets facing up towards the body. We have placed the magnets in the valley section of the convoluted base for comfort as well as providing maximum therapeutic results, while you sleep in comfort on the peaks of then AAA Dunlop convoluted base. The closer the magnets are to the body the greater therapeutic results.  It is well reported how convoluted bases enhance breathing and comfort. Studies have revealed that the closer the magnet is to the body the greater the benefit. Cleverly enough you do not feel the magnets in the valley of the base at all. It is beautiful to sleep in. Our feedback will confirm this with all its wonderful positive comments.

The greatest point is its convoluted base.

Its quality and density is second to none. The base has its own therapeutic qualities even without the Magnets. You may not be aware that this base is used extensively in aged care facilities for comfort and circulation.  Now you don’t have to be in aged care to enjoy that same level of comfort. It is truly beautiful to sleep on.  Many customers tell me that it is like sleeping on a cloud.



 Ultra Fresh Antimicrobial Protection

 All our AAA Dunlop convoluted bases are treated with environmentally friendly Antimicrobial protection. What this means is that your bed will now

  • Provide effective control of house dust mites.
  • Inhibit the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew.
  • Resist deterioration and degradation caused by fungi and bacteria.
  • Effective Odour Control

The magnetic underlay’s come in four different sizes. The total magnet count includes pillows.

As From the 1 October we have place even more magnets into our underlay to increase its therapeutic benefits. We now have stronger and more north facing magnets than most other underlay’s on the market.

  • Single       940mm x 1800mm          Up to 225 magnets         $180.00 RRP 
  • K/Single   1070mm x 2000mm        Up to 250 magnets         $190.00 RRP
  • Double     1300mm x 1800mm        Up to 350 magnets         $240.00 RRP 
  • Queen      1500mm x 2000mm        Up to 450 magnets         $260.00 RRP
  • King         1800mm x 2000mm        Up to 470 magnets         $280.00 RRP    


Remember you don’t have to be suffering or sick to receive benefits from sleeping on our deluxe magnetic underlay

Your 100% Australian made underlay now comes with a removable washable cotton cover. Magnetic therapy will only improve your good health; the benefits of increasing your lymphatic drainage are faster recovery from exercise, fatigue or the general wear and tear of daily life. Many of our satisfied customers have often commented how they have never slept better in their lives.  As for the comfort of our new AAA Dunlop convoluted base. Many a customer has compared that to sleeping on a cloud. Hand wash cover in cold water.


1. This is an investment in your health. Choose wisely.

  •  Choose a Magnetic Experience.

 2. Compare our products with our competitors and make an informed choice. 

  •  Consider our product knowledge to produce a quality Therapeutic Product.
  •  Stronger Magnets and More Magnets than most other companies.

 3.  Buy our Australian made, a quality product for lower cost.

Why Dont You Read More About My Magnetic Underlay and Support Range

Have a look at our Magnetic Double Underlay Listing


Hi Folks,
My name is Chuck and I'm here to tell you about a product my wife Susan and I purchased from Magnetic Experience. We live in Sun Valley, Nevada U.S.A. and have been having trouble with lower back pain for sometime. We heard about Cameron's product thru his web site and decided to buy the underlay with the convoluted base...absolutely beautiful to sleep on and within a week (think it was about three days) we began to experience pain-free sleeping and felt just great the next day. We love Cameron's products...he has since become a very good friend...his service after sales is exemplary. I was surprised how fast his products reached us from Australia. He is a true friend now, and we keep in email contact...nice to see folks doing business like they used to do in the old days, when customers were more important to the folks who sold us stuff.

Charles peck

Hi Cameron,

I must admit I'm sleeping better I can sleep in and not feel like someone has bashed me in the back with a bat as the lumbarectomy's was between L3-L4-L5

I have crushed 2 disks.I have slept a good 8 hours and even more. I'm still on the same medication Oxycontin 20mg 3 times a day panadeine forte 2 four

Times a day, lyrica 150mg 3 times a day but sleeping on the magnetic underlay helps a lot. I use one of the magnetic pillows on the chair where I sit.

It helps me a lot in the morning when I get out of bed

John  and Elizabeth  Avery

Junee N.S.W   2663


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