Maintain Your Fitness Motivation After Summer

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Do You Lost Momentum Easily? There are lots of ways to keep your Motivation Alive, here are just a few:


Set Reasonable Goals - When you first start working out try not to set unrealistic goals that are too ambitious for beginners. Instead set achievable goals like exercising 20 to 30 minutes two or three times a week.

Keep Track Of Your Progress - All you need is a small notepad to make sure you're improving. Slowly increase your time, reps, weights etc. to make sure you'll reach your goals. Try keeping a food journal and recording your weight to find out what eating habits work for your body.

Don't Bail Due To Setbacks - If you miss a workout or two don't fall off the wagon completely, simply accept it and get back to your usual fitness schedule. Everyone sometimes gets sick or just can't be bothered going out in the rain. Take a well-earned break then you'll soon find your motivation again.

Don't Compare Yourself To Others - Most of us are not the strongest, most toned person at our gym. Don't let the people lifting twice as much as you or those not breaking a sweat on the treadmill get you down. Go at your own pace and remember it's taken them a very long time to reach their goals too.

Have A Support Network - If it helps then get the people around you on board with your fitness regime. Explain to your work mates why you aren't having a piece of birthday cake or mention to your manager that you may be taking a longer lunch break to hit the gym. Health is a common goal so they will understand and want to support you.

Choose Exercise That You Enjoy - It's no use joining a gym knowing in your heart that you'll hate going. Instead think about what you enjoy doing that happens to be exercise. Perhaps join a sports team, take a dance class or join a dog walking group. This way you'll look forward to it and not even notice you're exercising.

Reward Yourself - When you reach a goal remember to celebrate, not with food but perhaps something else you'll enjoy, like seeing a movie or buying yourself some flowers.
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